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Re: The dangers of collecting signatures and how to kill germs.

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Wear glove - those bright blue nitrile exam gloves - you can do most everything with them except swipe a phone or tablet.  

Then at the end of the day, wipe down everything that others touched with Lysol or some equivalent.

Between people, the pen could be wiped down with probably a baby wipe.

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The dangers of collecting signatures and how to kill germs.

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I am just getting over the cold my wife is starting. You have no idea how pleased she is(!), 


I am working as a volunteer for a candidate and standing outside the library for a couple of hours a few times a week collecting signatures. I am now WELL aware of how easy it is to pass along germs and virus' under these conditions.  


I think the big issue is the pen I offer to the voters to sign the nominating petitions.  How can I kill the germs on this sucker?  I am reading that hand sanitizer is marginally effective.  Any thoughts?  Thanks

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