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Tell Us About Your Indoor Plants! Pictures Would Be Awesome 🍃

  • This discussion was created March 25, 2021.
  • We would luv to hear about your plants.
  • Pictures are welcome. 😁
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Musa 'Truly Tiny' (a type of dwarf banana, edible)




musa 'Little Prince'  (another kind of dwarf edible banana)



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💥Monday - June 14, 2021💥


@aruzinsky lovely!!! Do the miniature bananas taste just like the larger version? I luv bananas (hope I spelt it correctly/lol).

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Yes.  But, I have another variety, dwarf Namwah. that tastes slightly sour.


An interesting fact about bananas is that the sap, which is colorless, produces a brown stain on clothes when it dries that is impossible to remove by conventional means such as laundry bleach.

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Nepenthes is a genus of tropical carnivorous plants.  Insects are caught and digested in pitchers at the end of tendrils that are also used for climbing.  Here is an unidentified species shortly after I bought it at Home Depot, for $12.99, in 2018:




Here is its flower in 2020:




Recently, I rooted four cuttings and did an experiment in which I applied a gibberellic acid solution to developing pitchers.  The largest pitcher in the following was thus treated:







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A relative of banana, Musella Lasiocarpa flower is 14 inches wide:




It took me 2.5 years to grow from a small plant.

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I grew these clivia hybrids from small seedlings.  The company that I purchased them from said that the flower on the left would be red and the one on the right would be double. Years later, I find that I was ripped off.



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Community Manager

here are a few of my indoor babes 🌱 i'd love to see how yours grows @Bye! share photo updates periodically, if you can 😊


monstera ginny (also might be a philodendron? i dunno - it was labeled as a monstera ginny)

monstera ginny (2).jpg


golden pothos (fairly new, very excited for her to start vining!)



spider with plantlets and an air plant

spider and air plants.jpg


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I have an orchid (currently in bloom), a jade plant and I’m not sure what the large one is; but I do know it is 24 years old! It started as a small plant, among others, in a dish garden.


@Bye wrote:


I would luv to see pictures? 😀


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@LindaB671 wrote:


I have an orchid (currently in bloom), a jade plant and I’m not sure what the large one is; but I do know it is 24 years old! It started as a small plant, among others, in a dish garden.



💥💥Lol, found it @LindaB671 🤣😂 Any UPDATES or pictures? No pressure as usual 😉 💥💥

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@Bye I almost forgot about this little guy who lives in one of my bathrooms. Also, I like to keep a little vase or two of fresh flowers on my kitchen windowsill.




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@Bye Surprisingly, the orchid is STILL in bloom! I also have a yellow dahlia and pink begonia from Mother’s Day to plant outside. 




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💥May 20, 2021💥


@LindaB671 those are AWESOME!!! Angela

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Community Manager

that orchid is gorgeous @LindaB671! i see lots of roots - do you have it in potting medium? also, 24 years is incredible! i hope i have plant that old someday. i don't have kids, i just have plants and a dog 😁

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@AARPRachelA I really like your plants, especially the climbing one and the air plant. No, I do not have the orchid in a planting medium. I just water it occasionally. 🌱

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💥May 25, 2021💥


Oh my goodness, beautiful @LindaB671 !!!! 24 years old, wow 😱 Angela

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