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Re: Swimsuits--what's your opinion?

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Swim suit ??? What's that ?!  Woman Very Happy

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Re: Swimsuits--what's your opinion?

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I wear a two piece swimsuit. My favorite brand is La Blanca. The bottoms are not teeny tiny ones, the ones I try to find have a wide band or rushing at the top-hides that little tummy/sides hang over from the elastic. The tops I like are the bandeau with no straps. I've discovered over the years that no one has the perfect body and you should always just wear the swimsuit you feel comfortable in and that you love! Aging doesn't mean you have to stop wearing what you love.

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Re: Swimsuits--what's your opinion?

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Despite having lived  on the ocean, and having been an every-morning kayaker, I'm not a water baby. I haven't owned a swimsuit in maybe 20 years. That said, if I were to buy one It would probably be something that covered me from my knees to my chin because I have such fair skin.



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Re: Swimsuits--what's your opinion?

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I haven't looked at my swimsuit recently, but bet it has a hole in the knee. Just kidding.

I did buy a new one this year. Since you can buy the tops and bottoms separately, I bought a couple of tops. When no one is home on one side of my home, I can get in the sun for awhile. I don't wear it when they are home because they can see me easily and I don't want to flaunt my fat.

One challenge is to find a nice grassy spot where Wally dog has not killed the grass and I know what he used to do it.

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Re: Swimsuits--what's your opinion?

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I've been happy with my purchases off


and lands end.  Yes I have returned things.  


I've bought tankinis since they were invented, I think. I also wear a rash guard pretty often. I'm super fair and do it for sun protection. 


I like these sites sites because I can buy different sizes for tops and bottoms.


I never buy trends. Or at least not often.   The trends this season are tons of strings wrapping every which way, and that would be a BAD look on me, lol.



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Re: Swimsuits--what's your opinion?

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truth i dont were any  i go free born nude swim nude

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Swimsuits--what's your opinion?

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Tried on the 2 piece ones-- no not bikinis-- the ones stores sell separately (and priced separately)!!  Whatever happened to the one piece suits?  I found a chaotic mess bc some like the mix & match and what's left is actually wrong sizes.  Hey, retail stores, are you listening?  Swimsuits are not something you can buy online, well only if you like doing returns.  Some designers have built in bras, and tummy flatteners that are mire flattering on older women.  Face it, few of us have perfect bodies!  What has been your experience with the new looks in swimsuits?

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