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Sweets and Diabetes: Yes or No?

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People who suffer from diabetes have to be on a special diet to control the level of sugar in their blood. But let us face it – life is so terrible without a piece of something sweet! A piece of chocolate can boost serotonin production and raise your mood. Doctors know about this and allow their patients to indulge themselves from time to time.


Still, there are many restrictions for diabetic sweets lovers. The amount of sugar consumed must be strictly limited. This is not only because of the sugar level, but because of the increased risks of diabetes gum disease aggravation. Sweets are not very good for our oral health even if we are healthy, and especially if we aren’t.


There are special products for diabetic patients sold in every grocery store. Among them you can find chocolate bars, cookies, jelly etc. But it does not mean that any person with diabetes can eat them in any amount he or she wants. These products must be included into the menu only after a consultation with your doctor.


Type I diabetes doesn’t allow regular consumption of products containing sugar, even the special ones made for diabetes. They must be replaced by fiber and complex carbohydrates. The body needs more time to digest such foods, so the sugar level remains in the blood for a longer time as well. But on rare occasions, such patients can eat special candy, dried fruit or honey and stevia to avoid depression.


Type II diabetes has strict requirements as well. Sweet products must be excluded from regular diet because they can cause a hypoglycemic coma. Still, sometimes you can eat a special dessert for diabetics, but only in the first part of the day and the amount of it must be restricted.


If you have diabetes, your diet must be composed together with your doctor and with careful consideration of your individual conditions.


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