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Re: Regular Exercise

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@roberts258723  Good stuff, Bob.  Keep it coming! Smiley Happy



For the record and to be clear: I said you were preaching to the choir Smiley Happy (and sometimes the Naysayers and Negative Nellies). And that's what's been my experience here. In no way do I consider that reason to stop telling the truth as often and as loudly as you can muster! Heaven forbid! I'm glad there's a new voice crying in the wilderness. I offer you some of my manna. Smiley Wink



PS I've just recovered from an acute* sinus infection using herbal remedies, lots of fluids, plenty of rest and ... exercise. Thursday, as I was coming down with symptoms, I got in a 45-minute mini-trampoline routine and some floor exercises. Friday, I felt like compost, but still walked 5 miles. Saturday I felt a wee bit better, but had developed a raspy cough, so we opted to just go birding and got in about 3 miles of easy walking. Yesterday I felt like maybe I wasn't going to die, so we went cycling and pedaled 37 not-quite-training-level miles. Today my head is back to normal and I'll be back to my regular exercise levels. Exercise can also help speed one's recovery from a sinus infection. I skipped the antibiotics and opted instead for homemade yarrow and calendula tinctures as well as homemade saline nasal spray. And lots of water. Plus aspirin. I did take plenty of that.



* Those symptoms were: stuffy head, sore to the touch neck and face, swollen lymph glands, ringing in the ears, fever, dry eyes, joint pain, weakness, scatter brained thought processes, croupy-baby-like coughing, raw throat and upset stomach, raspy voice. Nothing major, but just not much fun. Smiley Happy



"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
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Regular Exercise

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I exercise regularly exercise by going walking everyday and going to Planet Fitness Health Club several days a week


Walking is a very good exercise for people of all ages and your body should be able to handle walks that are ten to twenty minutes daily in the beginning

Check with your physician if you want to do walking longer than twenty minutes

People with Arthritis do regular walks because it is good for them and it is approved by medical professionals.


I like others have computer and internet access in my home.

On YouTube there are exercises videos for all ages.

There are always people like me and others who are computer knowledgeable and we will assist you in how to use your computer and access the internet.

There are exercises on how to prevent falls,which happens to senior citizens 

Also plenty of low impact stretching exercises

Or sit and be fit exercises

As always you should speak to your physician prior to doing regular exercises


Remember when you exercise regularly you can reside in your home for your lifetime


Regular Exercise helps you spend more time with your grandkids.

Remember start slowly and make changes slowly also.


Think about how much money you will save in regards to your healthcare when you exercise regularly.


Regular Exercise also Improves your brain.


People have told me that my voice is not heard by many

But for me,when only a few individuals hear me it is worth it

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