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Re: Mosquito Magnet?

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I used to be a magnet.  During a visit to the Virgin Islands I was covered while my spouse was relatively bite free.  Now he is the one under attack.  

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Re: Mosquito Magnet?

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Eucalyptus and lemongrass oil mixed with witch hazel in a spray bottle and  then sprayed on the skin or eucalyptus oil mixed in a carrier oil and then rubbed on the skin works for me. They don't like lavender oil, either. Try to not wear dark clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and the CO2 you exhale.

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Re: Mosquito Magnet?

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Anything with DEET that has at least a 25% concentration of it.  

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Re: Mosquito Magnet?

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Yes, in any group, I seem to be the mosquito magnet. I use something called "Mosquito Guard", which has no DEET.

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Re: Mosquito Magnet?

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I make an herbal repellent. The main ingredient is lemon balm* suspended in isopropyl alcohol. Works great and smells lovely.


*plus lavender and tansy, all homegrown organically



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Mosquito Magnet?

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Are you a magnet for mosquitos?  What is the best repellant you have used?

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