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Is your life ‘in balance’? What does that mean?

My Life is Not in Balance

I ask, "If there was an action you could take that would bring everything into balance, what would it be?" My answer, “There is no action, I would take.” I believe that we need to focus on different aspects of our life at different times of our life. There is no way I could contribute time evenly over 8 aspects of life. I typically concentrate on where my priority is now, due to life changes/transitions.


There are many aspects of life. I am going to concentrate on 8 aspects of life.


1. Career:

o   Your career (what you ‘do’) is probably the most time-occupying aspect of your life, and it is usually near the top of everyone’s list when it comes to determining what’s important in our big-picture. The career aspect includes satisfaction and development in business, studies, parenting, and retirement.


2. Family:

o   The emotional core of everyone’s life and usually on the top of everyone’s list when it comes to determining what’s important in the big-picture. For you, this could be the family you grew up with or perhaps you’ve started your own with a significant other and children. 


3. Finance:

o    We all need enough of it to live the life we want. We all want to be comfortable and not have to worry about how we’re going to put food on the table. By necessity, this life aspect is often high on the list when it comes to determining what’s important.


4. Friends/Community:

o   Close friends, old friends, best friends, and just general acquaintances – how important are these to you and how do you want to manage these friendships?

o   A commitment to your community may not seem very important at first glance, but you can never underestimate the satisfaction of doing something to help the planet or other people. Community service and environmental responsibility is an essential part of living an ‘ethical’ and fulfilling life.


5. Fun/Recreation:

o    Having fun, doing sports, holidays, hobbies, and interests – what does this one mean to you? Perhaps diversity and relaxation are more important.


6. Growth/Learning:

o    Personal growth and development whether it is learning a new skill, being creative, self-discovery, or continued learning. You are the most important person to yourself, so look after yourself.


7. Health and Wellbeing:

o       Diet, exercise, image, quitting bad habits   



8. Spiritual:

o       Peace of mind, faith, resolution of the ‘meaning of life’ – whatever this means to you. You decide for yourself about spirituality and inner harmony.


The Life Aspects Review ©.docx will help with clarity: where do you concentrate your time and energy and are you aligned with your values.

For further exploration, email or call 860.272.6860.



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@kn64205082 , I think there are "seasons" of life.  We really can't do it all and do it all well.  

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I TOTALLY agree. How scattered would we be if we 'tried' to do everything simultaneously? I'm for setting priorities, focus and saying no.   

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@kn64205082 Great point, no is a powerful word.  As I get older, I get better at healthy boundaries and feeling ok saying no. Not bad for a recovering co-dependent, people pleasing perfectionist!  Christine

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I like thinking of balance cycles. I might eat nothing but burritos for a couple weeks, then nothing but salads to balance it out. Maybe I'll read for 5 days straight, then take the next week to find park trails to walk for a dozen days. Trying to cram "balance" into every day is more easily corrected stress. Better for me to just stay aware of listening to what my mind, body, and spirit need and respond accordingly. 


To each their own. 🙂

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Yes, it's figuring out for ourselves what our priorities are (not someone else's priorities). 

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@kn64205082 wrote:

Yes, it's figuring out for ourselves what our priorities are (not someone else's priorities). 

💥I agree @kn64205082  💥

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