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How does drinking hot water help in losing weight?

Water, hot or cold, keeps your body hydrated and healthy.

Some individuals say that hot water can aid digestion, ease congestion and even encourage relaxation when compared to drinking cold water.

Because there is no scientific study in this area, the majority of the health advantages of hot water are based on anecdotal tales. However, many people report that this treatment helps them feel better, especially when they use it first thing in the morning or immediately before bed.

The ideal temperature for consuming hot beverages is between 130 and 160°F (54 and 71°C), according to research Trusted Source. 

Burns or scalds can occur at temperatures higher than this.

Try making lemon water by adding a twist of lemon to hot water for an added health boost and vitamin C.

This article examines 8 ways that drinking hot water might be beneficial to your health.


1-nasal congestion relief:
Steam is created by a cup of boiling water. Holding a cup of hot water in your hand and inhaling deeply may help clear your sinuses and possibly ease a sinus headache. 
Because your sinuses and throat have mucous membranes, drinking hot water can help warm that area and ease a painful throat caused by mucus accumulation.
A hot drink, such as tea, offered fast and lasting relief from a runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and fatigue, according to an earlier 2008 study Trusted Source. The heated drink outperformed the identical drink served at room temperature.


2-help with digestion: 

Keeping the digestive system moving is easier with water. The body's ability to remove waste improves when water travels through your stomach and intestines. 
Some people feel that drinking hot water activates the digestive system very well.
Hot water, according to the belief, may help dissolve and disperse meals that your body has had difficulty digesting. 
Warm water may have beneficial benefits on bowel motions and gas evacuation following surgery, according to a 2016 study Trusted Source.
Meanwhile, there's no harm in sipping hot water to help with digestion.


3-enhance the function of the central nervous system:
Water deficiency, whether hot or cold, can have a detrimental impact on nervous system function, altering mood and cognitive function.
Drinking water has been found to boost central nervous system function as well as mood, according to 2019 Trusted Source research.
Drinking water increased participants' brain activity during demanding activities while also lowering their self-reported anxiety, according to one study.


4-aid with constipation relief:
Constipation is frequently caused by dehydration. Drinking water is an excellent approach to alleviate and avoid constipation in many instances. Keeping yourself hydrated softens your feces and makes it simpler to pass.
Drinking hot water on a daily basis may help you maintain a regular bowel movement.


5-It helps you stay hydrated:
Although some data suggests that consuming chilly water is better for rehydration, water at any temperature can help you stay hydrated.
Women should drink 78 ounces (2.3 liters) of water per day, while men should drink 112 ounces (3.3 liters) per day, according to the Institute of Medicine. Water from fruits, vegetables, and anything else that melts is included in these numbers.
If you're pregnant or nursing, doing vigorous exercise, or working in a hot area, you'll need a lot more water.
Start your day with a cup of hot water and finish it with another. Water is required for almost all of your body's functions, therefore its importance cannot be emphasized.


6-It boosts circulation:
Everything from your blood pressure to your risk of cardiovascular disease is affected by good blood flow.
A warm bath encourages your circulatory organs — your arteries and veins — to grow and circulate blood more efficiently throughout your body.
It's possible that drinking hot water will have a similar impact. However, there is little evidence that this works.
Warmth from sipping hot water or showering at night may also help you relax and prepare for a good night's sleep.


7-aid in the cleansing of the body:
While there is no conclusive proof that hot water has a specific advantage in this area, a research published in 2020 claims it does. Drinking extra water, according to Trusted Source, can assist preserve the kidneys while also dispersing waste chemicals in the blood.
Drinking water is also crucial for cleaning out your body, according to the Arthritis Foundation. It can also aid in the reduction of inflammation, the lubrication of joints, and the prevention of gout.


 8-aid in the relief of achalasia symptoms:

Achalasia is a disorder in which your esophagus has difficulty transporting food from your mouth to your stomach.
Achalasia is a condition in which people have difficulty swallowing. They may experience food being trapped in their esophagus rather than traveling to their stomach. Dysphagia is the medical term for this condition.
Researchers aren't sure why, but drinking warm water may help patients with achalasia digest more easily, according to a 2012 study Trusted Source.

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