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Good news, for once !

Benefits increasing, premiums lower. Ok, any benefit will be lowered because everything else will increase. There are some ideas to offset this downside.

We joined a warehouse club to buy certain items in bulk sizes. Food was a priority, of course, and we have enough freezer space. Then secondly, paper products, household items used daily/weekly.

I bake a lot of what we eat. (Doesn't everyone ?)

Buy thrift store clothing & a lot of other items. I save a lot of $$ this way. I don't find brand name clothing necessary.

We're lucky enough to have garden space. Might move, though, and there goes that asset. 🙄

Here's hoping everybody will have some benefit to these long-awaited increases, and find ways to save $$ next year. Any more ideas will help us all. Anyone care to reply with your ideas ?  😍

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