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Re: Fitbit Community

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No .. but a tangenial comment.


I was at a local hospital the other day for a test, and the 2 technicians were complaining that they were always rushed thru their lunch break, due to patient back-ups. I said that it was very sad that they were employed by a healthcare provider, yet management seemed to feel no obligation to model healthy practices with their own employees, to have reasonable work schedules, time to digest meals properly, or have a little break time for exercise. And most hospital cafeterias have very limited "healthy options"!

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Re: Fitbit Community

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This is Your Brain on Walking

This your brain on walkingThis your brain on walking

" The general wellness perks of getting fresh air and exercise might be reason enough for you to tie up your shoes and get some steps. But here’s more good news about walking: a new study shows walking can benefit the brain. In research findings presented at Experimental Biology 2017, scientists found that the foot-to-ground impacts created during a walk may send pressure waves surging through your arteries, and ultimately increase the amount of blood sent to the brain."


That sounds like a good idea.  After sitting at my computer all day, my brain could use some blood !




Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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Fitbit Community

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Fitbits (and other brands) have multiplied in the home and workplace at an amazing rate in recent years. Why?


People that work in offices have always been told to get up and move more but of course if you work in one you realize how that idea is at odds with job changes.  The effects of more and more "computerization" has made just about everything we do available on our pc's.  You don't need to go to filing cabinets or other departments. People deliver your work to you via the computer.  You can sit there all day long and never get up.  


So so people started wearing fitbits to record their steps and control their walking. There is a whole community of people walking around and checking their arms.  


They come in all kinds of sizes and colors and with different features and they make recording fun. 


Do do you wear one?



Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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