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Re: Do you think your BMI is accurate? Is your weight healthy?

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I know that different racial groups "weigh differently", so I don't know if this BMI range covers that as well.


That Air India restriction is ridiculous, keeping a woman 5'2" tall, at a weight between 99 lbs and 120 lbs. When I was 112 lbs, people were telling me I looked gaunt & my ribs & spine began showing .. so at 99 lbs, I'd look like I was anorexic! The lower part of that range should probably be no less than 105 lbs. Even the AARP article says that a BMI of 18.5 is "underweight", whereas the Air India acceptable range started at 18.0!


They say the most accurate BMI is done in a float tank, to which few people have access.

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Do you think your BMI is accurate? Is your weight healthy?

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It is interesting to find such differing opinions on calculating BMI.  Studies indicate that if you are a certain percentage that you are overweight or obese?  Do you think these calcuations are accurate?


BMI calculator on



There is also an interesting article in Time magazine where India airlines requiring BMI by employees -






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