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Re: Do you think your BMI is accurate? Is your weight healthy?

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I know that different racial groups "weigh differently", so I don't know if this BMI range covers that as well.


That Air India restriction is ridiculous, keeping a woman 5'2" tall, at a weight between 99 lbs and 120 lbs. When I was 112 lbs, people were telling me I looked gaunt & my ribs & spine began showing .. so at 99 lbs, I'd look like I was anorexic! The lower part of that range should probably be no less than 105 lbs. Even the AARP article says that a BMI of 18.5 is "underweight", whereas the Air India acceptable range started at 18.0!


They say the most accurate BMI is done in a float tank, to which few people have access.

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Do you think your BMI is accurate? Is your weight healthy?

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It is interesting to find such differing opinions on calculating BMI.  Studies indicate that if you are a certain percentage that you are overweight or obese?  Do you think these calcuations are accurate?


BMI calculator on AARP.org:   http://www.aarp.org/health/fitness/info-05-2010/bmi_calculator.html



There is also an interesting article in Time magazine where India airlines requiring BMI by employees - http://time.com/4034304/air-india-cabin-crew-fat/