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Do you still ski or snowboard?

AARP recently wrote this great article -  It made me curious - how many of you are still hitting the slopes?  Share your photos or experiences here.

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John and I met skiing at Vail in 2000.  After many ski trips, we married and bought a condo in Park City, Utah especially for skiing.  In November 2017 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer, receiving radiation treatment and chemotherapy infusions.  He is still on chemotherapy in the form of injections and pills.  In June of 2018 John had surgery for spinal stenosis.  Here we are in December 2018. John is 75 and I'm 74 (I didn't learn to ski until I was 37).  I'm proud of him for his positive attitude and the hard work he did to recover.  We hope for many more ski days.Ski Photo Dec 2018.jpg

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I confine my ski lodge activity to the lounge!

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I skied for 60 years, but on our last trip to Angel Fire, NM, with a granddaughter, I realized it was time to become a spectator. All of our kiddos, and grand kiddos were forced to ski, and of course now, they love every day on the mountain. Started at Wilmot, WI in '54, and have enjoyed many snow covered mountains ever since that first day. A wonderful sport for a family that loves to be together.


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I've never been a skier, but hubby and I are dedicated snowshoeing fans. Does that count? While it's unlikely we'll die out there after hitting a tree, snowshoeing is tremendous exercise: giving one the benefits of a 10 mile hike for 5 miles.


We typically go for a 4-6 mile snowshoe outing at elevations of 8,000 -11,000 feet. 


Rocky Mountain National Park Trail Ridge RoadRocky Mountain National Park Trail Ridge Road



PS: See that white line in the background?  That's the closed-in-winter road we trekked up, breaking trail the entire way. Great, great workout.

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My brother and I started skiing in high school.  My wife dabbled in skiing while in college and got serious after we got married 5 years later.  We range in age from 66 to 67 and are still skiing actively.






Since I'm probally younger than most of your readers, just 84, my skiing every weekend is not unusual.  I have a Senior Ski Pass at Bristol Mt, Canandiagua, NY.  Started skiing at age 5 on long wooden ski's with out metal edges and only a leather strap for your foot on them.  Was on Ski Patrol at Bristol Mt. for 18 Years starting in 1994.IMG_1600.JPG

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I'm 68, ski like a bat out of hell & if I die out there I want to go out on my terms. Good for all of you seniors that still ski!

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