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Do you have inflammatory arthritis?

What do you do to relieve your inflammatory arthritis?  Read our article and share what works for you:



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Yes, I do have inflammatory arthritis, I have rheumatoid arthritis, and auto-immune disease.  I will address pain in hands and wrists, although the pain is chronic and in most joints..  I recommend compression gloves, they work wonderfully to relieve pain and swelling in hands and wrists.  If  you have "inflammatory arthritis"  please talk to your doctor about testing you for rheumatoid arthritis/disease.   This auto-immune disease causes inflammation through out the body.  You may need a rheumatologist.  



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A teaspoon of ginger added to a teaspoon of powdered ginseng, taken with green tea will work wonders!

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I used to have various chronic pain, including arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, migraines, etc. No longer have any of these awful pains and I found relief by avoiding meds. I am a firm anti-med person, due to the many nasty side effects of most meds. What I did is to eliminate all wheat (a known inflammatory food), avoid all sugar, avoid processed foods such as any canned soups and also any of the boxed breakfast cereals, avoid refined carbs.  I eat lots of high quality fats (olive oil, coconut oil, butter, animal fat from grass fed sources, etc.), I eat lots of veggies, I eat moderate amounts of animal protein, especially lots of fish but also beef, pork and poultry, I eat a dozen eggs per week (uncaged source) and avoid cows milk and I minimize fruit (fruit has lots of sugar; a ripe banana is loaded with sugar which is very bad for health.). This is not a vegan diet (I firmly believe an all-plant-based diet is unhealthy and recent reports are now indicating health issues facing vegans and some vegetarians.). What I eat now has resulted in total elimination of all my previous arthritic pain and all other chronic pain. My wife also eats this way and has noticed her chronic back pain has diminished; she used to wear a back brace but no longer needs it. We use food as our medicine; it's far better than any prescription meds and costs a lot less. 


Keep yourself hydrated, first and foremost. Turmeric works as an excellent supplement for me. Study an anti-inflammation diet and follow the guidelines. Once you feel the difference, and it won’t take long, you’ll never look back. 

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In addtion to regular exercise, I've found two product to be very helpful:


Axe Brand Medicated Oil:




Hope these can be of help to others as they have to me!


All my joint aches were relieved within weeks of starting a whole plant food diet. Eliminating meat, dairy and eggs has improved the quality of my life including bringing all my blood chemistry levels within normal limits or better. If you haven't wached it, check out "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix.


What I have done is give up my opioid pain and anti-inflammatory medications and go on a predominately organic and non GMO primarily plant based diet with the exception that I still eat goat’s milk cheese (which has anti-inflammatory properties), fresh shaved Parmesan (also not bad for inflammation in small quantities) and plain nonfat yogurt, also eggs, chicken once in a while and/or turkey and certain fish. Not all plant based foods are good for you, for example any of the peppers, zucchini, etc. I have also given up all red spices such as cayenne, chili pepper, etc. You have to do a little research to find out what really is anti-inflammatory. I make lots of fresh bone broth based soups, drink lots of water with lemon and also hibiscus tea.  Do your research and take into account other conditions you may have or tend toward.  Food can be medicine but not all food is medicine.  I have also given up all canned and boxed goods, sugar (the very worst thing you can eat for arthritis), wheat, white rice and now use plant or brown rice based pasta which I only make up once a month.  I am easily dropping excess weight, do not get hungry or have cravings.  I still have my coffee in the morning.... you have to come up with a plan that works for you.

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I have been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis.  I’ve had 3 levels fused in my neck.  I have intermittent pain in my neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, thumbs, knees and occasionally hips.  I have found exercise to be especially helpful, in particular, straight leg raises, pectoral stretches, tendon gliding exercises for fingers/thumbs,resistance band exercises, neck exercises.  I take a turmeric supplement,  drink tart cherry juice and eat ground flaxseed daily for the anti-inflammatory benefits.  I sleep with a contoured neck pillow and position my upper arm on a pillow when I side sleep. I also sleep with IMAK arthritis gloves, a thumb splint and wrist splint for proper positioning during rest.  I sometimes use a fascia blaster massage tool for deep pressure self massage which I use on my neck and shoulders.  

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