Do you feel well-prepared for the current situation?

Friends, what are your trusted information sources for COVID-19? Do you seek out information from online? Do you trust them? What have you done and do you feel you are prepared to face the current situation?

There are so many questions in my head!

Honored Social Butterfly

I feel very well prepared.  Other than for the huge sea-change in lifestyle.  I'm still working and have a high pressured job.   I now have to telework and it's difficult doing some of what I do remotely.   So I'm learning how to work and still be around family -- with inevitable family needs.  I'm getting more exercise than usual, which is good. 


As far as supplies, I have enough.  I live in an urban area and can find most of what I need other than hand sanitizer.  But I have plenty of food and restaurants are still providing delivery.  


My mom is almost 80 and lives alone.  I do worry about her.  But I put her on all my delivery services, and amazon prime, and she can get groceries and other things she needs that way.  


I trust my state government COVID website for updates as well as information on what safety precautions I should take.  


A larger concern is fear of injury or illness other than COVID, and whether the health care resources will be there, and whether using them further exposes us to COVID.  



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I had forgotten about another source for my information until I searched around and found it, again.


Dr. John Campbell has posted several You Tube videos concerning various health subjects, including ways to fight COVID-19 and other health issues.


Stay well.


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A friend in Germany tells me the empty stores, closed businesses, no more than 5 people in a group, and general dread, reminds a lot like old East Germany. In my response, describing how our businesses are trying to adapt, I came to the realization that a lot of what is regarded as US life-style decadence is actually helping us adapt fairly quickly. Our food service industry has take-out written into its genetic code!


Most food/drink businesses in the area Greater Houston area have switched to take home/delivery options. Most larger grocery chains allow online ordering with delivery or pickup options. Unfortunately, pickup/delivery time slots are clogged a little right now, with a week or more wait time, but they are hiring like crazy to try to meet the demand of restocking and deliveries.


For more personal access, larger chains now offer a kind of designated senior access. For instance, Walmart is experimenting with one hour senior-only access on Tuesdays, during the one hour before regular posted opening time.


As long as we as a people keep common sense about us, I think we'll be able to deal with this. It's not easy with all the doomsday screamers, the frustrating political battle of brats, etc. But somewhere in there, you'll find the right info.


Keep strong. And above all, eat as healthy as you can.





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I feel as prepared as I can be for an unsure situation. My concern is my 84 year old parents who are staying home, away from church and brunch with friends. Mom is already a bit stir crazy, and Dad is content with watching TV, driving Mom even more crazy.


I wanted to give them something to look forward to each day; well, besides my daily visit:) As an off-duty teacher due to COVID-19, I decided to give them a daily assignment. Bringing over 2 notebooks labeled "Mom's Memories" and "Dad's Memories", I asked them to spend 30 minutes each day to reflect on and write memories from their lives that helped make them who they are. I said they had no due date, but I will check them, and we can then share the stories with their 16 grandchildren. Mom looks forward to this daily reflection. I may need to record Dad, a natural storyteller, and transcribe his stories into his journal. If this becomes too routine for them, I'll ask them to write about a time when they were scared, ecstatic, mortified, etc. Hopefully this daily chore will take them away from the scare and the news for a bit.



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Julie and others,


I love your idea, Julie.

My parents were opposite yours in that my Mom recorded some cassette tapes with her story, while Dad wrote a life history for us.

Mom will have been gone for 30 years this coming summer, while Dad passed away just 3½ years ago. Both records from them are priceless to us kids and to some of the grandkids who appreciate hearing and reading about their lives in their own words.


Stay well.



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I feel as prepared as I'm going to be - until I hear or read something new later today or tomorrow.


We have plenty of canned goods in our pantry and some frozen foods in our freezer, so we can last for weeks on those if we have to.


Not long ago, I bought a case of toilet paper at Costco, and my previous supply was nowhere near exhausted, either. Barring an invasion of the toilet paper-eating zombies, we should be able to last up to about a year or more just on what we have. Nor do I understand the run on toilet paper, anyway. Don't even think about following some misguided individuals' advice about substituting paper towels, either. Also, flushable wipes are not flushable. Don't do it!


Our water supply comes from our well frosted mountains, so I'm not worried about that, either,


We seem to be prepared for the isolation, with hopefully healthy interactions when we must mingle, but we'll have to see how it all plays out with health versus becoming infected or not, and then the recovery if the bug does its number on us. That's the big question.


The odds seem to be with us, since most of those infected so far have recovered when given enough time for the virus to take its course.


One source for my information recently has been Dr. Jonny Bowden. He has created several videos about various health subjects and posted them on line.


Stay well.





Recognized Social Butterfly

In a word NO!   So much more drastic measures than I was prepared for.  I usually have plenty of food on hand but I am getting scared as my local Aldi's may close. I like their produce.  On the other hand we have been warned about pandemics for many years.

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