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Re: Do you dance?

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Yes, I dance. At home, in public, in the car, sometimes on the trike. I do not, however, go to dances. I just dance freestyle when the mood strikes and the song in my head dictates. Weeeeee! Smiley Happy


It is not only great exercise, it helps elevate one's mood. All good. Smiley Happy


Once I'm to the RV stage of life (we're not yet retired) I imagine I'll start popping up at dance classes and such where I can learn formal dancing. 






"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
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Re: Do you dance?

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«Quoting» JUDYRUD in the Healthy[sic] Living Forum


«I love dancing!»
So do I.


«I don't go to the teenage rock bands»
I don't avoid them. Good dance music is good dance music, period!


«but I go to square dances and contras»
Those I don't but I have a fun Contra dance story that I might tell if you ask and I have the time to answer.


«Latin dances»
I think I'm not much of a Salsero but my followers disagree. Bachata, that I'd rather follow than lead, no me da cuenta but I'll lead it if one insists.


«swing dances, which include both East and West Coast styles, as well as waltz, foxtrot, one-step and others.»
Oh, yes. I don't do Lindy although I can, and do, dance with Lindy Hoppers.


«I love Argentine tango»
Once, while faking it with a good follower, a hot couple came to compliment us. I have no idea what they saw that we didn't know we danced but we didn't complain.


«Dance is also my social life.»
Mine, too.


Because I dance with anyone who'll dance with me, if ever we've been a the same place, we've probably danced.


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Re: Do you dance?

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I love dancing!  Besides working in the garden, it's my main form of exercise.  I do every kind of social dancing I can find in my town; i.e. I don't go to the teenage rock bands, but I go to square dances and contras (both high energy, great live music and fun people), Latin dances (also high energy, but requiring a bit more skill; my favorite is Bachata), and swing dances, which include both East and West Coast styles, as well as waltz, foxtrot, one-step and others.  

Most of all, however, I love Argentine tango, which trains both your mind and your body.  Of all the dances it requires the most connection to your partner - a true sharing and non-verbal communication.

Dance is also my social life.  Most of my friends I've met on the dance floor, as well as my life partners.  By attending dances and workshops in other states and countries, I've met people from everywhere and enlarged my community.  One of my favorite experiences was attending a festival in Brittany and being able to join in the evening dances, having learned their folk dances here in my hometown, halfway across the world.

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Re: Do you dance?

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I love to dance. I take ballroom dance lessons and enjoy rumba, cha cha, swing, foxtrot, waltz and tango. I think cha cha is my favorite right now. Why walk when you can dance?
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Re: Do you dance?

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Yes...I was lucky to be introduced to polka dancing in my teens. It's lively and has includes many Polish figure dances. The more you listen, the more you love it. Great excercise and you meet wonderful people who become friends. Next time you are at an affair, ask the person providing the music to play a polka. Hoping it will stay around forever!
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Re: Do you dance?

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I love to dance. In recent years, I have taken up line dancing and you dance to country to r&b music. In my youth, I dreamed of taking ballet. When I hear music, I am ready to dance. I am thankful that I can dance and hope to dance for a very, very long time.
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Re: Do you dance?

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Yes, I dance. When I was married we did ballroom. We belonged to a dance club. My favorite dances were the rumba, samba and triple time jitterbug. Later on, after the divorce I went to several singles' dances and always had fun. My son taught me some good rock and roll moves. Now that I am older, a lot of my dancing is done around the house with my music blasting away. I think that I will still have some moves if I am in a wheelchair.

Here in S.C. the state dance is the Shag. If anyone reads this and is from England, it does not mean what you think. I refer to the Shag as the lazy man's jitterbug.

I learned that if you listen to the music and hear the beat, you can dance to almost anything.

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Do you dance?

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Dancing is such a great healthy activity.  My mom was showing one her grandchildren the charleston the other day and I thought how I don't hear much about dancing.  Do you still dance?  What is your favorite dance style?

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