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Confused About the New Mask and CDC Guidelines? Don't Feel Alone - Everybody is Confused

It seems it is getting more and more complicated everyday - No way around it, think we all need to make the decision that is best for ourselves.  Which probably means keeping that mask close by when needed regardless of the mask rules retailers, restaurants, workplaces are making.

So yes, the guidance by the CDC experts is confusing -

NPR 05/19/2021 - Experts Weigh In On The CDC's Gamble That Fewer Masks Will Lead To More Vaccination... 

Guess we are gonna have to wait for further determination by ALL the experts 😕


Dr. Fauci said yesterday that we are "misinterpreting" the new CDC mask guidance, which lets vaccinated individuals forego masks indoors.  He also said that most likely in the not so distant future that we will need a vaccination booster - depending upon the type and growth of any coronavirus variants.  He also said that a vaccination booster will increase our immune response greatly. 

AXIOS 05/19/2021 - Fauci says people are "misinterpreting" the new CDC mask guidance 


CNN 05/19/2021 - Covid-19 booster shot will likely be needed within a year of vaccination, Fauci say... 


Therefore the CDC will be watching closely any "break-through" infections which seem to be rearing its ugly head in those who are routinely tested frequently for infection regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated.  Case in point:

NBC News 05/14/2021 Eight from Yankees test positive for Covid in post-vaccine breakthrough cases 


I sure don't want for our society to go back to 2020 - but I sure wish our experts would lend a bit more clarity - they could have just said nothing until later on - but commerce was yelling loudly - get back to normal and many places have done just that in their individual mask wearing rules.

Course, in most places, they could not force mask wearing, so it seems they cannot also force NOT wearing a mask - so do what you need to do.



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Seems to me the CDC made a public announcement that should have been made more close hold to state authorities instead. States hadn't had the chance to determine continuing or diminishing risks to more local areas, and inform businesses before the CDC's announcement. In other words, it wasn't a well coordinated change of policy.


It must be terribly difficult to set policy for several levels of jurisdiction at once. And in reality, they don't and can't. They advise and rely on more local jurisdictions and corporate entities to change and enforce policy. I thought about how trans-state businesses, like Kroger for example, that have to adhere to so many individual state requirements when setting and changing policy. They have released the mask mandate in some states for their grocery stores, but not in others (not mine) because some states are more cautious than others, or still have transmission spikes. 


I'm just glad I'm not in charge of any of this!


It will be a good thing if the unintended consequences of this confusion makes us all more aware in our surroundings, if we pay attention more carefully to information signs that I think so many have tended to ignore. 

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@GailL1 Yep, it is confusing.  Last week I went to my car dealership and no one was wearing masks.  Next day my husband went to his dealership for service ( right next door to mine ) everybody had masks on.


Btw, love Roseanna Roseannadanna character,  Gilda Radar-comic genius, gone way to soon.   ---  Christine

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