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Best Comfort Bikes - Senior Riders, a Great Choice

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In my last post I reviewed the Beach Cruiser; can't really discuss something else without mentioning its close relative - the Comfort Bike.  Men, this post hits on a number of advantages for you.   As always, I certainly appreciate any visits to, also please leave comments and questions there or here.   Here is the link  


If you are only into an occasional ride or looking for a bike to take you down to the local store or coffee shop, you may find a comfort bike style to be right up your alley.  Let’s have a look at the best comfort bikes for men, and some of them are quite suited to any cyclist.


Yes, the below picture is the ultimate in a Comfortable Ride where someone else is doing the pedaling.  These are Becaks in Indonesia, sorry, its back to our own pedal power.

Courtesy of Meutia Chaerani / Indradi Soemardjan


What is a Comfort Bike?

With so many bike styles on the market, deciding which bike type to look at can be a challenge.  The comfort bike is similar in many ways to the beach cruiser and the mountain bike, but with its differences.


Front suspension from Hybrid


Characterized by front suspension forks, chains on multi-gear sprockets arrangement for variable ease of pedaling, comfortable seats – often with a heavy-duty spring setup, wider and thicker tires than a road bike, and upright handlebars to help sitting upright in the saddle.


They do well on pavement and smooth trails and are fun to take to your local park or out to see a movie.  The standard 26” wheel and lower frame with a slightly re-positioned forward pedal crank allows feet to be placed flat on the ground when stopped without getting off the seat.  Unlike my road bike, any full stop will result in my bike toppling over unless I unclip, get off the seat and extend one foot to the pavement.  Not so much fun if lots of traffic stops.


Key Points no matter what bike you choose.


What is important for most any bicycle is to ensure that your legs are pedaling such that they are not overextended nor partially extended at the maximum extension.  Either way tends to put stress either ahead or behind the knee joint. If you are an athlete doing road races or triathlons there are many other factors that also need to be considered.


For comfort bikes it’s all about keeping a pleasurable ride, and since your legs are providing the power, keeping them pain free is a critical objective.  Short or tall folks, be certain the frame size you get allows you to set your seat at the right height.

Olde Tyme Architectural Bicycle Ride in Columbus Indiana, May 2015


A general rule of thumb is to ensure you can set your seat height such that with either leg at full extension on the pedal the hip doesn’t dip but your leg can also feel fully extended.  Everyone’s body is different, so your seat height setting should match your body and riding comfort level, in other words, if you are feeling pain (no not because you haven’t used those muscles in years), then don’t push it, get your adjustment right.


The other part is leg swing, and this becomes more of an issue for the more senior rider.  Getting a bike with an easier way to swing your leg over is a real benefit.  Several models now have a significant dip in the upper frame to allow an easier way to get your leg over.  And the “uni” design is really a good way as it is suitable for most anyone.


My hybrid has a fairly low dip frame and is much easier, as are comfort bikes, than my road bike to get on.  Doing regular stretching exercises does help, but the limberness and balance just isn’t the same as we age.


Comparison of a Few Comfort Bikes or Almost So

Many bike styles are overlapping to a degree and therefore it really is up to the cyclist to identify all the important features when making a bike selection.


Let’s compare some comfort or nearly comfort bikes; looking at a chart of features. These are typical of many comfort bikes. You will have to make the choice yourself with what to go with.   If you have a way to test ride one, great.  For me, a supurb suspension, a very comfortable seat, and top of the line gear set would be my choice.


bike list.pngExample List


But bike selection as mentioned is very personal and based on many factors.  At least this will give you a start to compare if your thinking about gettting a comfort bike.



To Recapture

A comfort bike is really a pleasant way to get around in a relaxed way.  For the casual rider, bike riding should be as enjoyable as possible.  The article reviews only a few of the many comfort bikes out there, may you have success finding the one you want.


For those of you that already have a comfort bike, please share with others what you like best in them and what pointers you can give. 



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