Any avid table tennis (ping pong) players?

Curious where you all play, with whom, and how often. I'm in L.A and go to a local club to train and play matches, and occasionally play tournaments.


I've played since I could barely see over the table, with my parents and sisters, then with friends, then with my future wife! It's a great game for all ages (my dad is 92 and still plays!) because virtually anyone can play regardless of size, shape, skill level, gender, income, religion, language, or geography. It's a great brain sport too, apparently, with studies from Japan suggesting it can ward off dementia because of all the mental activity involved!


(Here we are in Bali, stumbling upon a beach table - a perfect day!) 🌴🏓




Bali 2017 - Jimbaran Beach.jpg

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It's great that your family is playing ping pong - a good game that develops concentration and reaction. I don't play as professionally as you, it's just that there is this table and other equipment in the house that we use with family and friends.

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