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Re: ADD Testing

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Was tested at 42- and angry I was not tested for this as a child. My life would have been so different. Then different dr’s had added on bipolar- vs ptsd - which has been the more accurate diagnosis- so that has delayed some good therapy time- but the adhd diagnosis has explained so much and helped me understand me- unfortunately- my family never cared enough to want to understand it- they just considered me crazy. 

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Re: ADD Testing

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Welcome to the Club.  You will find on your ADD or ADHD Journey that you are not alone and you are different from the people around you.  You are different in a Good Way. You have talents and insights that they don't have.  You need to find ways to nurture and explore it.  In that way you will find out who you really are. You need to realize it is truly a Gift. There's a book that might help you on your Journey, it helped me to see ADD or ADHD in a New light. The book is,

You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!: A Self-Help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
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Re: ADD Testing

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i kinda am the same but its just that i get amped for work, sports or takes me about a hour to slow down after work and my mind is always going. but i am fine and ok with it. hope yoiu  can get to that point.

dont take life too serious
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ADD Testing

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June 8th I go to see a Psychotherapist to start testing for ADD. I'm told that at first she will be going over my history and that it will take an hour. Next, I will have an appointment for the acutal ADD testing which will take approximately 2 hours. I already have Bipolar disorder and am on Lithium, Lamotrogine, and Saphris for that. I've been told by my doctor that a lot of the Bipolar symptoms and ADD symptoms are similar. She said it can be difficult at times to know which is from one and which is from the other.


I think 1,000 things at once. My brain is always in high gear. I find it difficult to do one thing at a time. Most of the time I have several things going on at one time. I bounce from one thing to another to another. I cannot stand it when it's quiet. Some find peace there. I get anxious and frustrated when it's quiet. My high gear brain gets worse. Typically I listen to music or an audio book during the day and evening while doing other things. Overnight is no different. I sleep while listening to talk radio. My husband can't sleep with noise so I wear headphones.


A lot of time I don't mind if I'm in high gear. I feel very productive and as if I'm running "on all cylinders". I just wish I could turn it off at will. Do any of you have ADD and can tell me what I can expect? Any other suggestions?


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