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AARP Expert Denise Austin - Answers your questions for the next 8 weeks!

AARP Expert Denise Austin will be here for 8 weeks during our Fit and Fun Challenge to answer your questions about fitness. 


Week 1:  May 7th: Who has made an impact on your commitment to healthy habits?

Week 2:  May 14th:  Tells us how to get started.  Ask your questions.

Week 3:  May 21st - What are your biggest barriers?

Week 4:  May 28th - How do you fit in exercise during travel or bad weather?

Week 5:  June 4 - Ways to treat yourself while getting healthy!

Week 6:  June 11 - How do you gauge pain? When is it too much?

Week 7:  June 18 - What should you look for in a yoga class or teacher?

Week 8:  June 25th   - How do you motiviate yourself on tough days?


We would love to know if you have a walking buddy.  Share your answer here:


Get happier, get healthier and get walking! Enter the AARP Fit & Fun Health Challenge and invite your friends and family to enter too! Each week we’re featuring a fit and fun theme with challenges to complete. Answer questions, share photos and more to earn a chance to win prizes, including a Grand Prize Spa Weekend!  Join here:  Join the Challenge by clicking:  here


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Since 8 weeks have long passed, why is this thread stuck to the top of the list thereby wasting even more vertical space than usual?


In case Denise Austin ever returns, I would like her to give a full and accurate appraisal of Michelle Obama's pushup form in the following video:






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I would like to have a firmer and shapely buttocks. I was told to do 100 squats a day. Would this be A correct assessment. Also, I do work out but would like to maintain an ideal weight of  ———. I am please with my body just need some minor repairs. 


I thank you and your daughter for your time and support.

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I wished i find some excercise thay works to tone my arms. It seems they are becoming more like my grandmother’s everyday.  I do things that challenge my upper atm strength like tree pruning, because i have to.  I hurt my shoulder and elbow doing that over a month ago and i am still in pain.  Seems to be getter harder to do as i age.  What would you suggest? I am 56 and have a few health issues.

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This is a truly awesome endeavor! Thanks, AARP!


"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
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