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   We understand you have concerns regarding the removal of the Silver Sneakers program as a value-added benefit to your AARP branded Medicare plan. We are sorry that this program is no longer going to be offered in your state.   How Changes Are Determined Decisions about the SilverSneakers program markets are made jointly by UnitedHealthcare, SilverSneakers and AARP. The evaluation process must take into account a variety of different factors, such as the availability of locations, number of insured members in a state, marketing factors, regulatory concerns, etc.   What is Happening At this time, SilverSneakers is being replaced with a variety of new services such as a special membership rate at participating YMCAs and fitness centers and a personal wellness coach available over the phone to help you set and meet your fitness and health goals. UnitedHealthcare can also connect you to valuable community resources to help you live as healthy and active a life as possible. You can use a participating YMCA or fitness center and receive a special program offer of 50% off the monthly membership rate. There is also a waived or reduced enrollment fee. This change will allow UnitedHealthcare to offer more options to more insured members.   How to Find More Information You can call 1-888-887-5963 to learn more about these services, or if you would like to join a YMCA or fitness center. By calling this dedicated health and wellness line, you can also inquire if your current fitness center is participating in the network and, if it’s not, to nominate it.   How to Nominate Your Fitness Center for Participation Another way to nominate your local fitness center and help the network grow is to give the referral letter to your fitness center manager. That way your fitness center knows of your interest in having them join the network and they have the information to learn more.   We hope that this information is helpful. We do appreciate you taking the time to inform us of your concerns, and thank you for being a member of AARP    
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Once a year, Medicare beneficiaries get a chance to change their coverage. Here are a few links to help you make the best choices for your healthcare needs:    Your Guide to Medicare Open Enrollment  Your Health  Your medical condition should be top of mind as you review your Medicare coverage.  Your Home  Where you live and where you travel makes a difference. Be sure to review this section.  The Cost  Out-of-pocket expenses can add up, so it pays to shop around each year.  Your Current Insurance  When you should enroll in Medicare depends on your current coverage.   Learn more by visiting the Medicare Resource Center on    
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