There are tons of articles that tell you the reasons that sugar is bad. Obviously they all tell you to cut sugar out of your diet... but how do you do that when you are so used to eating sweets all of the time. 



Read nutrition labels on all products. Chose snacks with 4 grams of sugar or less and chose all products with less or no added sugar. Learn to eat cereals and other foods without adding sugar at the table. Eat more vegetables and less carbohydrates to avoid snacks. On Netflix Streaming, watch the program "Sugar Coated" for more information and tips. As often as allowed under your health care program, get lipid panel blood tests to monitor your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.



I don't drink sodas or sugar in coffee or tea, but giving up cookies, ice cream and other desserts has just been plain hard. No easy way to do it as far as I can tell, and fruit just doesn't fill the void. However, I have stuck with it and after a week or so I found I no longer had cravings for sugar. I've also found that eating a square or two of dark chocolate occasionally doesn't bring back the cravings, and it gives me the sense that I'm not being deprived. I'm beginning to feel much better too, which is it's own incentive.



For snacks, keep your kitchen stocked with things like apples and a good quality (not filled with added oils, sweeteners or salt) peanut butter and snack on this for dessert instead of a piece of additive-laden carrot cake from the grocery store (which also has like 800 calories: twice the caloric count of an average 'diet' meal).


Keep carrots, cauliflower, olives, hummus and mustard on hand. Take carrot sticks along with other items to make a meal on the go with (thus avoiding snacking altogether). Or use this as a ready snack.


Mandarins are a good go-with-you snack. As are raisins (though if carbs are an issue, raisins might not make your list). Keep siracha almonds, unsalted dry roasted peanuts, mandarins, apples and pretzels on hand. The key, of course is moderation. So instead of, say, a 3 pound container of pretzels in your desk drawer, take a small serving with you.


String cheese is another good snack. In moderation, of course.



I found that there are ALTERNATIVE sweet things that are healthy. I started a little at a time, and after a few months, I kicked the habit!


Here is a photo of some of the alternatives:


Screenshot 2018-10-22 12.56.05.png



"....I found that there are ALTERNATIVE sweet things that are healthy....".


These products don't get you away from sugar. They are only marginally healthy, and contain lots of sugar. 

Hello! I love love loved snacking, I always needed to munch on something. It doesn’t matter if I ate a gigantic buffet, I always have room for two (or more) desserts. Ice-cream is never filling, you know? It just melts in your mouth. This was years ago. As of today, I can hold my cravings down until the week before my period. During that week, my cravings become out of control but I still try my best to limit my cravings.

For me it worked it like this:

  • my ex-boyfriend’s diabetic father is a grumpy old man who’s both abusive and extremely overweight
  • my mother passed away from cancer although cancer is linked to family history, it’s also because of her unhealthy eating habits
  • the countless old people you see on the streets just eating, eating, eating all that crap until their heart gives out
  • these same people feeding their children the unhealthy foods

Every time I wanted to eat something delicious (and I swear the food is singing to me) I put the face of some unhealthy, grumpy old lady in front of it. She’s unhappy with her life, unhappy with her health, everything in her body is failing every morning. And it would be me if I eat this.

Of course it’s not like I NEVER eat sweets or cookies or cakes. But when I see every day on the streets a constant reminder that people aren’t taking care of their bodies, I tell myself I NEED to be different. I need to give my body the foods it needs. I never want to grow old to be like my ex-boyfriend’s grumpy abusive father. I will not eat like him.

I never want to eat all that sodium my mother cooks with (she cooks with can foods because it’s convenient).

And I don’t want to be a grumpy old lady with a failing heart!

It started with a lot of research about healthy foods and good exercise. As I fed my body the necessary foods to stay healthy, it doesn’t crave sweets or snacks as much as I used to. The healthy foods and regular exercise is enough for my body to function.

Now I started a new job in Hong Kong, a country FULL of snacks and sweets. And being so close to Japan (honestly their sweets are so freaking delicious and so pretty!!!!), I am able to limit my sweets intake. It is because: (1) I don’t want to be an unhealthy, grumpy old lady, and (2) my body doesn’t crave it anymore.

I crave something to snack on when I’m stressed and busy with work (especially during over time at 8pm and I haven’t had dinner). Then I’d tell myself that I’ll become the grumpy old lady if I regularly give in. This stops my hands from reaching into my office’s pile of snacks. Yes. A giant pile of candies and chips. FREE. The face of a grumpy old lady helps.

Last but not least, during the week before my period I surround myself with mountains of healthy snacks. Including cookies or baked sweets made of blueberries, no sugar. Cereal!! That’s a good one. I study boxes and boxes of cereal at the grocery store until I find healthy ingredients. This way I can fill my cookie/sweet cravings without eating all that sugar. Sweet potatoes, corn, grapes, chestnuts, baby carrots, celery.

If I surround myself with only healthy foods, I will make myself reach for these instead of finding sweets. It’s when I don’t have the healthy snacks around me and I’m really hungry, I’ll buy the chocolate bar (it’s so easy to find). I never want to find myself in a situation when I choose between chocolates and healthy foods, because my cravings will persuade me to buy chocolate. I hide my eyes from chocolates during that week.

Occasionally I’d give in to a delicious , thick, buttery cookie and I would even pay $10 for one! But that’s when I ate super healthy all month long and this baker’s talent deserves my money.

Also great article to read:

I really hope this helps!!! Good luck to you.

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