How do you fit in walks when on travel or in bad weather?  It is always difficult to keep a routine when travelling, how do you keep up? Do you walk in the rain?



I travel for business all the time  so I do have to plan my walks/workouts. So, what I do is try to wake up 30 minutes earlier to squeeze in a quick walk before I jump in the shower and begin my day.


But, when it rains, depending on what I have to do that day and my hair (because I don’t want to wash it and blow dry it again), I do an indoor walk workout with toning and yoga based on my workout videos on the AARP website. They are easy to do, and you can stream them on your tablet, computer, or even your phone. 


I personally don’t mind walking in light rain and I love to walk when I travel for fun or business because that’s how I soak in the character of a town..and stay active too.




I've been known to walk in the rain and the snow. I'll do this first thing in the morning, as Denise suggests.


I recently sold my weaving equipment and supplies, so moved all our exercise equipment into that room and created a home gym. We have hand weights (2.5–12 pounds), a resistance band, a magic circle, ab roller, an exercise ball, a thigh master, a hula hoop and a mini trampoline. I bought quite a bit of this stuff through AARP's Rewards for Good program, and spent around $125 total. Both hubby and I used this home gym religiously this winter and spring, and we've both improved our conditioning. It helps to have a designated spot in the house for exercise, we find.


We can do everything from muscle toning floor exercises to a serious sweat fest on the mini-trampoline no matter what Ma Nature is cooking up for us outside. 🙂








We always walk a lot when we travel just exploring the town, or visiting a natural area with walking trails. I'm no longer able to hike the more difficult trails as I did in the past, but there are always places to explore with easier trails. We often combine walking with public transportation, staying in smaller places like b&b's or quaint little hotels. Visiting museums or art galleries is great option for walking, too.


At home, I don't mind walking in a light rain or bundling up in chilly weather. But if the weather is just too bad, or too cold, to be out and about, then I use the flex-step exerciser and some hand weights for indoor work outs.

Our travel means walking, hiking, or biking a large portion of the day. We get more exercise on trips than we do at home. We don't walk in the rain, but we walk in the snow and cold. So, that means we're walking most days year 'round.

Keep in mind walking can be done inside as well as outdoors. When the weather is not ideal for outdoors consider walking in your home. Add a little music to your walk to keep the steps interesting enough for you to enjoy moving. You will be surprised at the energy boost after a few songs have been played. If you have weights at home add them to your indoor walking manuevers.

Good Aftornoon Everyone...Just Plugged into AARP again. I am loving the conversations ....... I always loved to walk.....I  called for miles sometimes without knoing it.    What gets me excited to get out and run or more some walk.. ....... A huge Snow Storm.   Remember the last BIG SHOW STORM!!! I LOVED IT...


I was born in a huge storm, I believe that is why i still run out side and take pictues.  I lived by a park, oh what fun it is to walk in the park when it is snowing.  I love a great snow storm. The roads and sidewalks look like Ice cream  covering everything. I come out early because I want to see the beautiful white clean with no ones snow foot printin the White and not touch snow. I take pictures of everything in the snow. Everything is Beautiful in the snow. The Garbage Can is also beautiful in the snow......Next time it snows go out and take a walk , but not to far, it can be dangerous, if you don't know how to walk in the snow......Enjoy...Thank you all.... Yes I love to walk...

 I was born in Janurary, My mother told me there was a huge snow storm.... My Mom says I was born in the storm, it took time to get her to the hospital.

Living in WI, the best purchase I made for my home workout was a treadmill. I found a great one at a 2nd hand sport shop for $432.  It has enough option to keep me motivated and over the winter, and while quarantined, have lost weight instead of gaining because it was to cold to get out and walk.

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