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๐Ÿค” What Is YOUR Grief & Loss? Human and/or furbaby?

To be honest, up till now, I thought "grief & loss" was just for our HUMAN loved ones.


Upon coming across several "online" articles recently discussing ALL "grief & loss" - I finally knew it was okay to GRIEVE & MISS my boy Jeremiah ๐Ÿ•. Rest in peace my boy!


WE are always here for YOU no matter what YOUR "grief & loss" may be about.


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Nicole ๐ŸคŽ๐Ÿค— (Grief & Loss Forum)

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Nicole, I feel your pain and see that you have very active in providing comments, articles, and your own experiences with this AARP Grief Forum.  I hope you find peace and acceptance of your loss this year.  I have found that journaling has helped me.  A balance of external expression, like this site, and internal refection has been a way for me to cope and move forward toward a hopeful healing path.  Unfortunately, I have learned all too well that grief in many cases is a solo flight.  That is why a support system and faith are so important.  Good luck to you on your journey to a happier day.  Your friend, Sue

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