Loss my husband on 12-8-2021, Miss him

He was  my rock and the  love of my life he guided me thru thick and thin he will be truely could not see one without the other I love my better half. when I come home thinking he will be there in the bedroom watching TV waiting on me to come home just to call my name and he would reply I miss you today. I miss my husband my soul mate, I was cooking for two people know it is just me, I was doing laundry for two people know it is just me, We travel on the weekend together but he is not their no more to travel with me. So I get lonesome. 

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss and so close to the holidays, which only makes it harder to endure.  I wish I could relieve your pain, but I am finding out that only you can somehow work through the loss and what it means to you in the future.  Take it slow and handle every day as it comes.  Be kind to yourself.  Do something that makes you happy if you can. Blessings, Sue

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So terribly sorry for your loss. We lost my Mom in October.  Someone told me that grief is like a wave.  In the beginning when the wave breaks, it pulls you under and takes your breath away,  Bus as time passes the wave crests less frequently and less intensely.  Time does not heal but it lessens.  It will never be easy...but it will get easier.

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Thank you so much for sharing the "Wave Analogy". It's so "spot on".



Marie Doucette
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Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. When your loved one passes it's a devastating loss, hopefully you have family and friends to support you. I too lost loved ones this year - my husband in September, and my brother in June.👼






Marie Doucette

Very sorry to hear.  This is a major loss and a very trying time for you.  Please accept my condolences.

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