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Ideas to put a smile on your face

Early on one of my widow friends suggested that I do something every day that makes me happy.  I think I shared that piece of advice on the AARP Grief Forum.  That suggestion was given right after my husband died and quite frankly, I did not know how to accomplish that after his immediate death and aftermath.  Now over 18 months later, I realized that like everything else on my grievance journey, I do better taking small steps.  Not sure when or if the experience of more permanent happiness will return, but I recently decided I would do some small things, sometimes trivial and just plain fun.  I bought funky socks, funny PJs, and most recently had my earlobes repierced.  After the piercing, I envisioned myself like one of Carol Burnett’s characters – older lady wearing earrings, glasses with chains, scarf, necklace, etc.  It was funny to watch her inevitably got caught up in the various paraphernalia around her neck.  In my case, I do not have a chain on my glasses, but may have to wear a mask at times!  Somehow, I have become an updated version of the lady on TV.  Why not, I can handle this I said to myself.  I am not looking for a date.  So, I plan to enjoy these items with a smile. Maintaining some sense of humor and fun does help lighten the day.  We should give ourselves permission to do those types of things that make us smile.  We deserve it.  Enjoy what life has to offer us.  Your funky friend.

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Good for you! Often we,for whatever reasons,don't allow ourselves the gift of having fun and trying to make our day better. Keep at it,things will get better.

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