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Grief and Remembrance

I will be facing 3 major milestones in the immediate weeks to come.  They are my husband's birthday, our 49-year wedding anniversary and his death.  Ironically, as I think about these upcoming days and weeks to come, I do so with trepidation and also some rejoicing in the remembrance of 50 years of knowing my spouse and being part of a strong and enduring relationship.  We had our ups and downs and sadly the last several weeks, one year to date, were some of the worst.  At the same time, we stayed the course in our own way and in the end my husband wanted to come home to me to die.  I know that now and still can smile as I was feeding him his beloved chocolate ice cream the day he died.  These dates in some ways are a reflection of the life cycle for my husband and me.  I always pray for him and know he is in a pain-free place now.  For some reason, this memory and others bring some joy and peace to me.  Happy Labor Day, Sue

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Hi, all, I wanted to share some additional thoughts as I live through the 3 milestone dates.  This morning I thought that I should reach out to those individuals who helped me and my husband last year during this time frame.  Today, I sent a short message to a friend of mine who visited us in the Rehab center with birthday balloons and other gifts for his birthday.  Since he was already in a decline health wise, her good intentions were not overtly celebrated.  But I know it made a difference to both of us trying to get through the health decline while still celebrating life.  I felt good doing that for her, who went the extra mile for us at a difficult time.  I will continue to take some acts of kindness to those who were there for us.  It is a small gesture but helps me to give back and feel less a victim of bad circumstances.  We'll see how it goes.  Sue

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