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Don't forget to take care of yourself

Hi, all, as I reflect on my first year of loss, I am realizing that overall health, physically, mentally and spiritually, is critical.  I am seeing more of my grief buddies in the various support groups experiencing serious health issues.  Often, they have become their own sole caregivers.  That is a difficult and scary situation.  Therefore, please take care of yourself - stay hydrated, get enough sleep, eat healthy meals even if you have to purchase them, walk, meditate, etc.  We are still vulnerable and have to rebuild our health as well as new identity as single, orphan, or any other new situation.  Be careful with Covid, since I have read that 1000 people are still dying a day.  At the same time, relaunch yourself and begin/continue those activities that bring you comfort and peace.  You deserve to be on a safe and self-fulfilling journey. I know it is hard. There are many others who are experiencing the same challenges as you are. But remember you are not alone.  Please take advantage of the spring weather. Sue

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Thank you for your thoughtful advice Sue. Nice to hear from you. Slowing down here. I hope you are well too. Take care!

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Savvy advice as always. I’m very guilty of neglecting myself. It’s really hard sometimes to do what needs to be done. After all this drama I’m going thru ends, I’m going to focus more on my health for the summer. Take care @SueS788527 

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