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Re: Want to Boost Your Happiness?

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Hurrah for birdwatching! We, too, keep a waterer and a bird bath for our feathered friends.


We also like to exercise ourselves into a state of bliss. This morning we cycled 63 miles. Yes, it got hot out there (though we started at 7 AM) and yes, we did work up quite a sweat, but here we are, rested and showered and about to enjoy a whole wheat pasta salad while a big ole thunderstorm gathers in the hills to the west of us.*


Part of what makes this a happy event --besides the endorphin release-- is that after we cycled 35 miles yesterday, we set a goal of 50 miles for today. Beating that goal is satisfying. Our bigger goal right now is to reach the 10,000 mile mark. We're 150 miles shy, but we intend to reach that goal sooner than soon. Setting and meeting goals --even silly ones like this-- makes us happy.


*Did I mention our home is on a hill and has two huge picture windows that face west? We get to watch the storm brew, then speed overhead to its destination on the plains. Such fun sky drama.


I'd say a key factor in being happy is in doing what you can do and appreciating the small things. (Like cloud drama)




"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
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Re: Want to Boost Your Happiness?

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For me a couple things immediately come to mind. I enjoy maintaining a fresh birdbath and watching various birds (and the occasional squirrel!) drinking & bathing in the cool, clean water. In the same vein, I keep a mixture of sugar water hanging in the shade so the hummingbirds (local & migratory) have a little refreshment, too! I'm always delighted by their visits.

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Want to Boost Your Happiness?

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Want to feel happy? Make time for simple pleasures. A variety of happiness research recommends seemingly simple solutions such as spending "facetime" with friends, listening to upbeat music, and even eating fruit! (See AARP's 10 tips for a more joyful life.)


What gives you a pick-me-up? Share your best joy-inducing tips with others!

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