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Re: New Kitchen after 30 years

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I just re-read your post again. I have always wanted a degree. My parents and grands have passed and my 11 siblings don't care. It is for me. I will be paying $500/mo for the rest of my God given life, but it is something I WANTED, I am DOING it, and I will PAY for it forever it seems. But that is OK!!! It is what I wanted!
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Re: New Kitchen after 30 years

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I so agree! Woo hoo!!!  I am so glad that after all of these years you finally get to have a kitchen YOU want, not one that you had to accept because you bought the house!  Enjoy the years you have left in your brand new kitchen.  I was just telling myself today, the 1st year I lived in this tiny, 325 sqft apartment I was over the moon and loved it.  The 2nd year, with which is almost over is just so-so.  I need some more space.  I just need to store about 10 totes and 15 boxes near by so I can look through them and pull winter things from them when I need to.  I am staying here until the latest next spring, so next year, I will get an apartment with an OUTDOOR pool, as I love to lay in the sun.  And it has to have A/C too.  I know the electric bill will be higher, but the time that I am not at the pool, will be spent watching tv under a/c and staying cool and loving watching tv in my new place while being cooled off!  Enjoy it all the way girlfriend!  I do hope you are female.  I also hope you love to cook, I know I do.  I don't even have enough room for my brand new Kitchen Aid mixer.  Still in the box.  Has been for over 6 months.  So, that is incentive enough for me to move to a larger place, so I will be able to unbox my $400 mixer I have had in the box for so many months!  ENJOY!  God's blessings always.  WOO HOO!  Shawn Anderson.

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New Kitchen after 30 years

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Iam finally getting a new kitchen. I have lived in our home 30 yrs and the family before us 5. 

I have wanted a new kitchen for years and at last  I am getting it. 

I will probably be paying the rest of our lives, but I don't care. 

The cabinets came in yesterday so maybe in 2 weks or so I will have my new kitchen.

I can't wait.   

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