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Re: Have you ever received or witnessed an act of kindness?

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Yes I did receive an act of Kindness a few yrs ago.
My husband is a Marine so we have stickers all over our cars.
Once in a while you had to giggle & clean the top of the battery if it stalled, needless to say, we needed a new battery.
I got stuck at my bank on a Sunday. I tried to fix it myself, hood up, cleaned the crap out of the battery as Several Cars rode by.
Finally a man came rushing up asking what was wrong, saying, " Who could pass up helping someone with all those Marine stickers?" He fixed the problem, I thanked him and was Very
They say if you do a good deed for someone, and don't go and tell anyone or brag about it, GOD will reward you.
Seems like some days when I have done that, low & behold I get a parking space right at the front of a store!! Works for me.

Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !
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Have you ever received or witnessed an act of kindness?

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Waffle House waitress Evoni Williams says she did nothing special when she cut up Adrien Charpentier’s food for him as he dined at her Texas restaurant. But, others disagree and are rewarding her act of kindness in a big way.


It was Saturday morning when Charpentier was sitting at the Waffle House counter with his oxygen tank having breakfast. The 78-year-old can handle grits and the soft bites, but when it came to the piece of ham he ordered, he needed help. He told the 18-year-old worker behind the counter that his hands are no longer up to par. Without hesitation, Williams picked up the knife and starting cutting. Read more…


Have you ever received or witnessed an act of kindness?

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