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hope an AARP rep can answer this please



Was notified of winning a sweepstakes on 1/13/21.  I'm told I can't win another for a month (whatever that is, be it a calendar month, or 30 days from winning day, or maybe even notified of winning day.


Would like to know when it is thus smart to start collecting sweepstake entries again based on whatever restriction there is on eligibility to win.  Seems like if I acquire sweeps entries today, 1/14, it would be a waste.  So when is it not a waste.


Guess all sweep entries acquired "recently" are a waste based on this "month" restriction.


Thank you for a reply.

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Thanks for your specific question!  We just updated the Tip to reflect the answer to your question.  You can only win one per sweeps so you can win more than one sweepstakes per month just not the same sweepstake!

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@kb1248   Congratulations!!!   

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kb1248 I just saw your Private message too!  I am looking into this to insure you get the correct answer.  Thanks for patience - hope to have something by Tuesday (Monday is a holiday...)

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Congrats on the Win! and Good Question!

I can't find a clear answer in the forums or Official Rules.  Hopefully, the end of the "Promotion Period" (from the official rules) will be the date used to determine the month of a win.  Recently, the last day of the month is the last day to enter a sweepstakes (also referred to as the end of the "Promotion Period").  End of Promotion Period date = Last Day to Enter Sweepstakes.


I'm sure that you know this, but, others may not be able to find the Official Rules for a sweepstakes that they had won because the "tile" has already been removed from the catalog weeks before notification of the win; that said, the official rules page for Sweepstakes is found here: 

The end of the promotion period and the drawing date are available for each of the sweepstakes in their Official Rules. (This page does not include the instant wins, but, the instant wins are unlimited for the month.)


I'll admit, there could be an advantage to some rewards members that the win is counted in the following year for a December sweepstakes, maybe tax purposes(?) or the following month if they already had a mid-month sweepstakes win.  However, I would hate to see wasted sweepstakes entries.



@AARPJanelleM or @AARPTeri 


Can you help clear up this one sweepstakes win per month issue?  Are we wasting points in some way because the drawing date is in the next month?



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