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checkout issue

Please update with some news on progress.  Surely someone in aarp knows what is currently the problem.  Not very transparent with members.   As a data person, I know if someone is working on the problem, they have some idea of scope and time frame.  Thanks


An email to me from customer support after my credit card was charged but no gift cards issued - it would be irresponsible of me to guess when all the problems will be fixed


So far I've been charged 3x and 2 refunds. + No gift cards.  The site is shut down for transactions for last couple of days.

I tried to make the purchase on Tuesday 9/20 I believe. Customer care said I would get an email response in 3-5 business days + the response came on Friday.

It sounded - from the email - that there were many issues.


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I am so glad that I don’t have anything to do with purchasing any of the discount gift cards offered by this program. I became aware very soon that the issues surrounding this activity was full of malfunctions, mistakes and programming errors and I did not need that aggravation, besides this program had enough problems just trying to staying online. Most of the time the purchased gift cards only offered an insulting 8% discount. We can do better with coupons from magazines and newspapers.
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