Why Are Christmas Cards up Now in June

The quantity of greeting cards are just cluttering up  the rewards site. Why did Christmas get put up and Mothers day and Fathers day are still up.  How about making them their own drop down box so those of us who don't want to see them won't have to. 

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You are so right Karyn about the clutter and the drop down box for the greeting cards. The IT department is always messing with what is already working just fine. This would give them something else to play around with and entertain them for awhile. The trouble with this whole idea you know is "Out of sight - Out of mind, and I don't think admin will go for that 🙄

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Some celebrate "Christmas in July"..just another ploy to sell and capture the spending mood that some people are in...Or because mail is at a snail pace perhaps if you send now the might receive by Christmas..

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