Where are Terms and Conditions for the Rewards Program?

The sign up page has two options, 

Yes, I agree to AARP Rewards' Terms and Conditions;

plus earn 1,000 points while you're at it

Yes, I want to score 500 points by subscribing to the AARP Rewards newsletter for exclusive offers and updates twice each week (Optional)
I sure as HECK am NOT going to click "Yes I Agree" until I've read the terms. Clicking the "Terms" link goes nowhere. 
Based on others input, sounds like the program is not much good, at least not as helpful as the old program.
Grrrr...make this easier - it shouldn't be so hard!
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@na30409674 Thanks for your interest in participating in AARP Rewards! Here is a direct link to the AARP Rewards Terms and Conditions: I'm always here to help if you have any questions along the way!

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Just tried to use the Terms and Conditions link while deciding to sign up for the rewards program and it's still not hyperlinked to the actual document.  Not only is this frustrating but it gives the appearance the program is "questionable" when it's not once you read the terms.  Come on AARP, make this process easier and more transparent.


Thanks for the link but it would be great if AARP would fix this. I too (on 2/27/22) found that the terms and conditions that I'm agreeing to is NOT a link as the original posted states. It does nothing when I click on it, nor the little question mark in a circle that's next to it.  I had to GOOGLE for "AARP Rewards terms and conditions" to find THIS page with your link to the terms & conditions! 


As the original poster said....  Grrrr...make this easier - it shouldn't be so hard!


As of 2/17 this has not been corrected on the website or the app. The text appears to be hyperlinked, but it doesn't take you to the page you mentioned above.



@AARPJanelleM, it would appear that the AARP website has still not been fixed. When one clicks on "Terms and Conditions," one just stays on the sign-up page. I did go to the link that you supplied above, but AARP's web techs should fix that.

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