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What is the difference between weekly and monthly rewards? Do they disappear after a week or month?

I've searched this site for an answer to this simply question:  Why are reward activities labelled weekly or monthly?  Does it mean the opportunity disappears in a week/month and they are replaced with a new one? I'm surprised I can't find any explanation of this.

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The AARP Rewards catalog is continuously evolving to bring you hand-picked deals and savings to make your day easier and more rewarding. How frequently you can earn points varies by activity. Log into your Rewards and under the "About" tab is a list of FAQ's or use this link: Thanks! 

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The weekly activities get reset each week, so you can do them again, if you want. I don't remember which day they reset.


Similarly, the monthly activities are reset at the beginning of a new month. There are others listed as "Earn Once" which are never reset.


I think there might be a list of the activity types somewhere under the "About" tab, right under the black banner.




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