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Website needs to be simplified

It seems to me that the AARP website is too cluttered with junk, and too confusing to be useful to many seniors.  Also, the color red seems to be everwhere, which seems to be annoying and confusing, as not everything can be urgent enough to warrant a giant red banner.


I posted a queston in the general section of the forum, but then a few days later I could not find it without great difficulty.  Most forums seem to have a link title Your Comments, or something similar, which will take the user to all of the comments which they've posted, but such an option is not easy to find here on the AARP site.


Keep in mind that most of the people using this site are going to be seniors with little to no computer experience, and they are going to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gibberish scrolling all over your website.  Thank you. 

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Yes, I agree! Not a fan of all the red, either.


Regarding finding your posts, whenever I post a new post/thread, I use the drop-down to bookmark my posts. In order to find your bookmarks, go to My Settings, Subscriptions and Notifications, and Bookmarks. You can find all of your bookmarks there. You can also permalink your posts, and add the url to wherever you normally keep your bookmarks. 🙂


1. bookmark your posts.png2. Bookmark Added GO TO MY SETTINGS TO FIND YOUR BOOKMARKS.png3. Subs and Notifys.png4. My Bookmarks.png

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Okay, that helps a little bit. 

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Or just go to your “My Profile” and it has a listing of all the post you have made.  Be signed in and just click on your user name or just select “MY PROFILE” at the top of the page.



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Yep! You could do it that way, and it still have a long-running list of miscellaneous posts to go through. I choose to bookmark the 'special' ones. 😉

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