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Videos Not Registering

Still the same issues as of 10102022  11052022 11062022 (how much longer will this AARP incompetence go on?) Fast Forward to... 11212022 -- No Issues (for me, at least)! Yay! *throws confetti*  💃 The Issues Continue 01212023. Receive, 'Sorry, No Points (for you, Kelly!)' error message, again. And, I was just starting to relax! 😧 01222023 6PM MST, Issues seemed to be resolved, as far as video crediting goes. There are some mini errors in this site, however.
ORG: I have been trying to watch videos this morning, and receive the below message/window ('Sorry, no points this time'). I have received this message every time I watch videos, and I am very upset that I have watched these videos, and never getting any points for them. You're welcome, AARP, that I've watched your videos, you get something from me watching, yet I get nothing but this lame message of Sorry, no points this time. Unacceptable! This has been happening, actually, since September 1st, 2022. It's very inconvenient, if any one cares, but, it almost seems purposeful. This occurs when watching videos. Thanks a lot. 


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Well, that didn't last very long! Chalk it up to a few weeks, maybe, of error-free rewards, but tonight, we have gone back in time... The infamous 'Sorry, No Points,'  is rearing its ugly head, again. 




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Not registering, again! YOUR WEBSITE IS BROKEN, AARP! Going on 3 months with the same issues! In no way is your website working! Sorry, no points. Sorry, no points. Repeat! FIX IT!

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Per @AARPJanelleM this morning, supposedly the site has been fixed. Here's what I wrote about it, 'Does this include videos? Because I have tried to watch many videos this morning, only to constantly receive 'sorry, no points this time.' I have to do quizzes, which I am running out, and that's not quite right to prevent me from getting my daily point allowance. Please advise. Thank you.'


Am I the only one having this issue? I have recently done updates, clear cache, cookies, (all the time), etc... I am running out of quizzes, and find it interesting that Janelle has stated the site is working again, when it clearly is not. 🤔

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@KellytheBelly @shamit  our team has confirmed that the site has been restored and it is functioning properly. Please try clearing your browser's cache and cookies:

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Kelly; I received the 'sorry no points this time' on 16 out of 20 videos this morning.  But I kept watching videos and finally one says I have received points and then all the previous ones post their points.  So I don't have to run out of quizzes to get my daily point allowance.


This has been an ongoing problem and it just seems to get worse. The problem with them trying to solve this is they would almost assuredly mess things up even worse.  They are inept at programming.  After all it took a year and half in Beta and then after they launched it, it still was wonky.  They ask for patience, but years of patience is wearing thin.

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@shamit @KellytheBelly 

I know its not the same thing you are talking about, (Videos) but do you remember the problems with the "BLACK BANNER" & TRANSACTION HISTORY we experienced about a year ago ??

                             black banner.jpg


It took nearly that long for them to finally get it fixed.

Hopefully the IT employee that arrived at a solution still works here and they can put him/or her on this problem. NOT

Sadly, I think we will probably be waiting a very long time before we see any improvement. Just Saying  

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I hear ya! It's just when a rep of AARP comes in states that the site is working, and I am still having issues, I need to know why! I have reached out to Janelle several times, and I get no reply. I guess I'm just not that important. Yet, they took my money to become a member without a hitch. 😉

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Hey y’all 😃


Denise was told....the site is fixed!

....the site is fixed HAHAHA HAHAHA😃😄


....the site is fixed HAHAHA HAHAHA....the site is fixed HAHAHA HAHAHA


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I do not find this amusing, nearly one month later. This has been an ongoing problem, and we, as members need to get it fixed. I'm all for humor, but now is not the time. Peace out. P.S. @Therapist4u  << What's with your username? It's demeaning, at best. Also, @AARPJanelleM AARP owes me points! I have provided (below) screenshots of all of the videos that I have watched this morning, and never got credit for. Please oblige me with the points that are due to me. When I watch a video, I expect to receive my points! Zero trust right now! Your copy and paste words, and the website's dysfunctional behavior leave me to distrust the whole thing. How can you do this to your members!?



FIX IT iii11062022.png

FIX IT iv11062022.png

FIX IT v11062022.png

FIX IT vi11062022.png

FIX IT vii11062022.pngFIX IT viii11062022.png

FIX IT ix11062022.png

FIX IT x11062022.png

FIX IT xi11062022.png

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@KellytheBelly Got it. I was able to adjust your points for those videos. Check out your transaction history to confirm. I'm always here to help!

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Thanks! 🙂

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Same here Kelly. This has been an ongoing problem for some time and this administrator has no intention of making any corrections whatsoever. Whenever we complain the best we get is a suggestion to clear our browser an cashe

just saying


It happens to me most of the time too.  But it also happens to me sometimes on the quizzes.  The only thing is that at some point I do get the points.  But this hasn't just started happening. It has been happening for some time.  It just has gotten worse this month.  Before it was just occasionally that I got that message.  Now I get it on almost every video.  


The only problem is we shouldn't have to keep such close track of what points we should get. I keep track of my points. I write down the point balance before I start watching the videos for the day.  Then I keep track of how many videos I watch.  After watching the videos I check my point balance and also check my transaction history.  Most times I have gotten all the points.  Occasionally there is one missing and I have to watch another video.  I don't understand why they can't get their problems fixed.  I could say a lot more but I won't.

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@shamit  Same here.  I get the messages and sometimes even check transaction right then.  Nothing.   But they eventually appear.  This happened on 10-11.   

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