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Unlimited Daily & Weekly Instant Wins Yippee! Am I only one in dark about this?

Hello Everyone

In a thread on Redemption Forum Person was asking questions about Limits on wins and such so I replied & tagged Teri 

Teri replied to our posts

With link to read about limits on wins

So I thought I'd check it out & discovered that members can now win Daily & Weekly  Instant Wins an Unlimited amount of times Wow fantastic news

In my searching of numerous downloaded prizes rules appears to have changed December 2019 (1 Win per month no longer shows up after November2019) 

Also searched all 4 Forums for Rewards and found no posts with an update to this change or anything letting us know we could now play everyday & possibly win as luck would allow us 

Am I the only one who didn't know this? 

If so can you tell me where Posts are located that told us about this great change to Rules??? Or how you came to know??

Thanks appreciate any info anyone has thanks! 

Anyway Just curious plus wanna make all aware if you didn't know (screenshot below)

Nice to know can try for all things like vs being picky about what we try for. 

Enjoy your day & Good luck may we all be winners

Ginger  :  )Unlimited wins YippeeUnlimited wins Yippee


No longer 1 per month WHEN?No longer 1 per month WHEN?



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Hello @gm5271 

Thanks for posting, I didn't know.  I won Weekly & Daily (Dec) and tried playing again the same month and everything was faded out.


Have a Blessed Day


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Hey Gem,

It is hard to keep up with things around here with 4 forums on one topic:  AARP Rewards.

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Hey Andrew

Were you aware of the change? 


Ginger  ;  ) 

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I had found it. Just dumb luck 😑, I suppose.

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Thank you, Ginger.


I seldom check the rules, so I didn't anticipate or notice the change, nor do I remember seeing any notice about the changes. With hundreds of e-mails in my in box, and with tens of new ones arriving every day, I'm sure I miss a lot of e-mails I should read, so if AARP sent an e-mail notice, that could explain why I didn't see it.



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Thanks Lynn

Appreciate knowing not only one hasn't seen info about this 

Happy winning

Ginger  :  ) 

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