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Transaction History Fixed--Viewing and Saving


Transaction History Fixed--Viewing and Saving

Give whoever fixed the transaction history a raise!  Or if they did it on their own time, tons of free gift cards!!  I saw on my black banner last night that my points were listed, so I wondered if the transaction history was working, as well.  Yes!  I stayed up into the wee hours and went all the way back to 9/25/2019.  It took hundreds and hundreds of clicks on See More, and well over an hour, but I did it!  I don't plan to do it again, but it is doable, everyone.  If you decide to do the same, get comfortable, put on a wrist brace, and do some finger warm-up exercises.  It's not a task for the faint-hearted.  I did save the information, so I can refer to it more easily in the future if I ever feel the need.  You may know a better way, but the best way I found to save it was to start like I was going to print it (but I had no intention of using nearly a ream of paper and the associated ink), but then select "Save as PDF" as the destination.  Then you will see it say "Save" in place of where you would normally see "Print."  Click on that, and then choose whatever folder you want to save it in.  That is how it saves the prettiest and most like what you are looking at on the web page.  Maybe I am the only one on here OCD enough to go all the way back to the beginning, but in case there are others, I thought you might want to know how to document that you conquered the beast.  (And if you know a faster way of getting to the beginning than clicking all those times, share with us, please.  I will swallow my pride for the sake of the community.)  Enjoy the weekend, everyone, and stay safe and well.

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Woohoo, booyah, congrats tech support we really needed this fixed.
On a lighter note the promo code for 7/10 is 59
The promo code for the 7/10 Webletter is BOULDER for 50 pts
On a not so lighter note it was announced that the CDC has increased its warning on dangerous hand sanitizer to 55 😞 😞
Why issue a warning, just ban the **bleep** stuff. Hello U.S. Customs
Just saying
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