Time to Take Down Mother's Day Cards

It's way past Mother's Day so why are the Mother's Day cards cluttering up the rewards site still?


It's JUNE 16 and the Mother's Day cards haven't been taken down yet. I guess Father's Day cards will stay up way past the date too. 


In addition to the Mother's Day cards being taken down, the greeting cards in general need to be redone. I counted 27 of them. Why can't you have one box that says greeting cards. Click on that and have all the selections in there instead of making the rewards section so bloated with greeting cards. 

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Hi  @Karyn8 💐

Like you Karyn, & many others, I’ve been pleading all year....(& much longer) for AARP to make improvements to the current rewards program, but does anyone at AARP CARE.... OR WANT TO IMPROVE? 🤔

Those easy to find for free ecards... & meager discounts... are simply not “rewards”😒 needs a MAJOR OVERHAUL SOON....or there’s no point in paying to renew membership!

Take care ~Allen 🌈

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Mothers Day cards are still available and taking up space. Isn't it about time to remove them.

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16 days now, but who's counting?  If they would remove those, it would be even more obvious how little is being offered.


Rarely are helpful suggestions from Members acted upon promptly... or at all.

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Hi  @Karyn8  

Great topic Karyn 😊 ....I was about to post about this too. It’s been 2 weeks since Sun, May 8.....& new items should have already replaced these.

In my opinion, it shows that whoever is responsible for keeping these updated is not paying close enough attention to our rewards program page! ...which is largely filled with ‘fluff stuff’ anyway, 😒 ....& it’s easy to find free ecards therefore they are not ‘benefits’ (nor are 10-20 % discounts)…nor any amount really....

those ecards & discounts are simply not “rewards”

Take care ~Allen 🌈

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