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The earth is a little grain of sand ...

I read this in the latest AARP Bulletin .... Q&A with William Shatner.


"The earth is a little grain of sand in the desert of the universe, and we are these tiny things on the grain of sand. But we are aware of our insignificance. How beautiful is that." 


I think this is an incredible quote and, for me, a simple reminder that


  1. Earth is precious
  2. Regardless of how poor, rich or powerful a person is, relative to the vastness of the universe, s/he still a " 'tiny thing' on the grain of sand in the desert of the universe."   
  3. 'tiny thing' == 'tiny thing' == 'tiny thing' .... we are all equal.  A big bank account may add a few numbers in the millionth digit after the decimal of  ('tiny thing'  / universe)... it won't make much different.  Our deeds will.

And a word of wisdom I once heard, “The things of nature do not really belong to us,  we should leave them to our children as we have received them.” .   Love your children and grand children, give them the gift of cleaner earth.



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