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The Labor Day offer to extend membership - a way for me to say, "Thanks"

The offer to extend AARP membership for as low as $9 per year if signing up for 5 years is the best offer I've seen for AARP membership in most of the 20+ years I've been a member.


Even though my membership was scheduled to expire in 3 more years, I decided to accept the offer. The best offer I've seen in years was $12 per year upon signing up for 5 years.


From information I get from AARP and money I have saved and can save, both from discounted items and redemption of points on AARP Rewards, I'm still ahead on my AARP membership. This discounted membership will make it even more-so if I outlive my membership, which I fully intend to do.


Hopefully, AARP will also benefit from my membership beyond just knowing I'm still around.


Stay well and enjoy!


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@Brightpool   Thanks for posting and calling the renewal promotion to my attention.  I also renewed, even though I still had almost two years left on my current membership.

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I remember seeing that offer but I was busy at the time.  Thanks for the reminder. Now, can someone tell me where I can find that again?

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Hi, just click on the following link and it will take you directly to the website to join/renew:


well I missed it. will there be another opportunity soon for the $9 a year? guess I will wait.

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@kattgramm I apologize, the Labor Day offer ended on September 7. We have a variety of offers at different times so keep an eye out for a new deal!  

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Lot of good that did!  I chose the 5 year extension.  Once I clicked on it, it came back and said I would be charged $12 and I only got a one year extension.


And it said it would automatically renewed each year after that.


Either I screwed up or the same people wrote the software that did so for AARP Rewards.  

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We're glad to have you in our family, @Brightpool! Thanks for extending your membership!

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