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Thanks a Million!

I just passed my first million points on AARP Rewards!


I reached 1 million points 02022020.JPG


Now, if only those points were dollars, I'd cash them in, pay the taxes, and retire!


One out of three ain't bad, right?



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Were you able to get anything with your million points?

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Hello @Brightpool @andrewtoo @rednexsrus 


Lynn, Andrew & Lucy,

I was there and the $25 Panera Bread gift cards came up for 53,750 pts. and I got (2) which caused a serious decrease to points balanceSmiley Sad  Then within days the $10 Shell Gift Card (Daily Deal) for 14,000 pts showed up and I got that. Now I'm in rebuild mode to get back to a million+.  Also, was using points max on at least (2) Sweeps (Points Graveyard) daily.

It's hard to remain at that level when some good "Points Only" opportunities pop up.

I hope everyone is getting some of the gift cards, winning some Sweeps, Daily & Weekly Instant Wins that they wantSmiley Happy

Good Luck to ALL!!


Have a Blessed Day,





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The daily deals are usually timed wrong for me. I used to do all right, sometimes, with the afternoon daily deals on RFG, partly because they started at 1 p.m., here.

However, the new daily deals come in for me from 10 a.m. to noon (mountain time). A couple days a week, that lands at the end of the time I spend playing cards with friends. On the other days, that coincides with the time I go to the local recreation center and get my exercise, after I've had my breakfast and fully removed the cobwebs from my eyes. That leaves the weekends, and with my wife being home from work, nothing is written in stone for our activities together or apart until sometime in the evening when it's all done for the day.

One of these days, I might get the timing right.



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Hello @Brightpool 

Lynn and as we know no daily deals on weekends. Hope you get some daily deals.  I'm looking for Points Only deals.


Have a Blessed Day


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Thanks for sharing that you had achieved one million points.  I think that is cool!  There have been a few opportunities that have kept me below that level.  I really liked the Panera Bread $25 egift card.  I used it within a couple of days, but, it cost me a bit under 53,000 points.  I also jump at Amazon egift cards because I can put them on my account in a few minutes, if I so choose.  There were other things too.  I assume that I will reach a million before long, but, I hope they give us good opportunities for gift cards instead.


I'm spending my points this time around.  They just need to give me opportunities. (Lean, Earn, and Reward!).  I'm glad the AARP Foundation points donation is exempt from the points-only redemption limit.  I wonder if the points donation will still mean a $5 donation to the Foundation for each 4.000 points; it just reads: "Your point contribution to support AARP Foundation will result in a payment from AARP to AARP Foundation. Your point contribution is not tax-deductible."  (Opps! off topic at the end there)



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Hi Brightpool

WOOHOO !! 1,000,000 reward points in 5 months. That's incredible, amazing. Wish I could earn points like that.
I must be missing some earning activities somewhere, let's see, 5 months X 30 days = 150 days X 7000 pts per day = 1,050,000 pts.
I suppose its possible if you don't redeem a single point for 5 months.

Me, I am spending approximately 60,000 pts a month entering Sweepstakes, DIW, WIW, rewards for points only, gift cards, local deals and now Daily Deals.
What's the point if you are not going to enjoy the thrill of the chance. I have won Shell & Marathon gas cards, Belk, Whole Foods and even won a Sweepstakes and still don't have anywhere close to that many points.

I login almost every night and do quizzes, video's, calculator's, newsletter's even a few promo codes. I have to do all my activities during my data free zone between 12am to 5am
via WiFi (broadband internet is not available) video's consume tons of data (I hate ad's added to the video's).
Again, someone please tell me what else can I do to earn a few more points.
I sincerely believe that at some point AARP Rewards will get out of BETA and start listening to its members and provide us with an amazing rewards program. (unlimited wins per month on DIW & WIW) proves its heading in the right direction. I will surely need those points then.
That's my two cents


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Thanks, RedNexRUs, aka, LucyP.

To earn more points, just keep doing yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily exercises until you see “Maxed Out Like a Pro.”

How I accumulated a million points referencing your math (for anybody who likes to dig deeper):

Some of what you pointed out in your math is a little off the mark.

From Sep 24 to Feb 2 was only 132 days. This would take away from our daily points’ accumulation.

132 x 7,000 = 924,000

However, according to Terms and Conditions, Section C, Paragraph 2, “members can earn at least 7,500 Rewards Points.” Once we have reached 7,450 points, we can choose one more activity that “offers no more than 500 Rewards Points. Members can earn a maximum of 7,950 Rewards Points….”

With that in mind, and knowing that most the time, all I seem to be able to get are the 300-point, daily activities, let’s just use 7,750 points as a daily average. Most the time, it might be less, but I have earned 7,900 on some days, usually when I can get the 450-point monthly activities.

Now, the math shows 132 x 7,750 = 1,023,000.

Keep in mind that at least some of us who had been in the Rewards for Good system before AARP Rewards also had a 50,000-point welcome bonus for signing up for AARP Rewards in the first place. Some might have been more or less. I don’t know.

1,023,000 + 50,000 = 1,073,000

For the first while, I didn’t understand the limitations on winning sweepstakes, so I put in for every $5 or $10 card or trip to Tuscany and everything in between – anything I could conceivably use within 10 miles or so of home. Keep in mind that about 75 percent of gift cards offered I either cannot or would not use. Whole Foods is 15 miles away (and too expensive for my liking, anyway). The nearest UNO pizza joint is several hundred miles from me. Bass Pro shops (Cabella’s) is 11 miles away, and a $5 card just wouldn’t be worth carrying there to pay their prices for ammunition or something.

Once I realized that winning a lesser prize could rule me out for a greater prize, I quit doing that. Now, I put in for only those things that I would truly want above all other prizes being offered.

I don’t put in for the Space Camp sweepstakes. My wife refused to go and I’m not sure I’d be up for it, either. But, I do put in for the Den makeover and Travel sweepstakes. Those are equal in value and I wouldn’t mind winning either one.

Therefore, my usual daily entries these days take up about 500 points.

Let’s put that into the math: 1,073,000 – (500 x 132 days) = 1,007,000

Unless something changes drastically, I expect that I could accumulate 1,000,000 points every 4 or 5 months or so, even with entering sweepstakes of interest and buying the occasional discounted gift card, which I haven’t done since AARP Rewards started.


P.S. I don't like the ads, either. I especially don't like the 50-minute ads (I exaggerate a little sometimes) that interrupt the 1-minute exercises.

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Hi Brightpool:

I admit I did do some generalizing in my calculations :>) I admit I missed the 7500 pts per day thingy, just discovered that the other day. On the other hand I had no idea we were so much alike when it comes to spending our points. I have to totally agree with your assement. Good luck going forward

thanks for the comments


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Lynn, CongratsSmiley Happy


Have a Blessed Day


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Congratulations!! May you have Luck x A Million for winning!! 🍀🍀🍀



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Thank you, Suzy.


Good luck to you, too.


BTW: Did you notice that you missed that extra 2 by only 1 minute in your reply?


"02-02-2020 02:01 PM"


That wouldn't have helped the palindrome, but it would have carried on the theme.



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