Suggestion: AARP renewal for points

While one can already get a slightly reduced renewal for 5 year commitment, how about allowing us point monsters to also apply all our efforts into a membership renewal?


It may not be easy to approve a year of AARP for points only, but one could imagine a 50% reduction on a 5 year renewal for some number of points, yet to be determined.


What say you, AARP?

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Hi, ralmon!


First to address membership questions, I joined as a lifetime member for $250 in 2004 (on my 50th birthday). This was not an online option then; just chatting the member services representative.


Since then I've bought my Mom, Brother and Sister gift lifetime memberships.


The discounts we've all used (rental cars, air fares, restaurants) have more than paid the membership fees.


Add in I play the games and read the community topics daily to maintain my own physical and mental health...


AARP membership is very important to my family and my personal health and I hope it can be to others.




Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

Thanks for that info @WebWiseWoman (ha! WWW, or maybe WWWWW, WorldWideWebWiseWoman)


I've been a member since 2012, got my first year or two free through some phone campaign, I think it was Drew Carey's Let's Make A Deal sweeps, where you had to listen to 4 or 5 annoying ads. One turned out to be a free AARP membership.


I've only been messing around with the community section fairly recently and have come to enjoy it, probably will renew just due to y'all cool folks. Maybe I should ask them if they still accept lifers. Heck, if I manage to stick around this planet another 15 years or so, it's about the same cost as constantly renewing.




Edit: Just checked Member Benefits page: "...renew your membership before it expires in 51213 days!" - I guess I have 140 years left. What am I going to do with all the Rewards points?

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Hey ralmon

Not sure when you got the emails your referring to maybe if at end of R4G you won I still don't think Hello World would have handled that.... anyway.....

I've been AARP member since 2008 when turned 50 so 11 years & R4G member since it began Rewards for Good Program has always been run by "Deluxe" as Marylin @mi4090 stated in her post 

If you need to confirm you can ask Google to show you info about Hello World who also handles Coca-cola Rewards now that are a far cry from what old original Coca-cola Rewards program was with Deluxe I've found no connections between Deluxe & Hello World I don't believe there is one

I suspect that Hello World gets involved because they apparently offer a lower price to Companies but Companies may not realize they are offering little or nothing to its members compared to previous program which I can vouch for that Reward for Good Rewards program & Coca-cola Rewards were awesome for its members (Special only rewards members items(I have lots of special Coke items) getting Daily Deals & gift cards for points & points only magazines & more)  possibly Deluxe way of running costed alot to Companies whom may not been in position to pay those expenses anymore?? Just an assumption but change came for some reason???

I've not added up all that was offered to win Daily, Sweeps & Auctions in last month of R4G but it may have been ½ a million total Although I didn't win anything just Daily Deals there were some happy members winning Cruise cards & $1000 Amazon & $5000 cash & Target & much more 

Hello World creates an up to date site but truly offers much of nothing other than a New Outfit I personally prefer the Old Standby Wardrobe of original Rewards 

I miss Daily Deal & miss the separate links/pages for Rewards/Sweeps & Earnings that were much more friendly program & had the appearance of its home site(AARP) new Rewards program just very different & sad I truly only see a Cosmetic change that removed all I liked & looked forward to Daily earning & using points for a reason that I don't see any in new Rewards so yes in wee more time I may give up on Rewards program but not AARP or AARP Foundation & AARP Community those will always be worth my measly 5 year renewals expense & all I've gained in my time as member Has truly been a blessing which I'll forever be grateful that had it while did 

Just my 2 cents 

Enjoy your day everyone

Ginger  ;  ) 


Golly y'all - ya made go dig out my old documents. And let me be the first to say: my bad.


This was a sweepstakes (Think You Know), not accessed via the Rewards pages, but from a special Sweepstakes page. So there you have it, appears multiple sponsors were at work. And my bad memory causes unnecessary excitement, just like usual - sigh.


Lucky me that I have most everything stashed away in encrypted digital vaults. Otherwise, my brain just couldn't keep up anymore. I hope the image inserts okay:






Nonetheless, this helped keep me from eviction when the stakes were down, so: Thanks AARP!



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Hello @ralmon 

Ray, that is very interesting glad you kept that.  That confirms for me that Hello World should have experience with AARP's reward site, and what's happening now is intentional.


Have a Blessed Day,




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No intentions to cause upset 

Appreciate your pic but not sure what is & its states AARP & Hello World in 2014 so was this before AARP started R4G? An AARP Sweepstakes? Just curious Glad you won it & it helped you out 

Take care.... no worries

Also wanna say Welcome glad you found your way to Our Community glad your here

Ginger  :  ) 


Not upset at all, Ginger 🙂 This was all good, because I was experimenting with offloading some files onto the free 15GB Google Drive space, into a Cryptomator encrypted vault.


I was at work when I responded, and the experiment worked perfectly. My old AARP stuff happened part of the offload, so I now know I can get to files from home and work, and leave them encrypted when I'm done.


As I recall, there was a Rewards for Good section back then, with the timed Auctions, deals and all. Then there was, which sometimes had big ticket sweepstakes with video and other activities each day, over the course of a month or two. I guess that was independent of the RfG part.


Oh, I found some notes I made back then regarding the Auctions. Looks like there was also a thing called "Destinations Rewards, Inc" involved. I don't know how that fits into the whole picture. Maybe we'll eventually piece the whole mosaic together.


tl;dr - let's look forward to the current program evolving into something we'll all enjoy. Again, no offense taken at all, just not being an emoji master, I couldn't relay my laidbackness in text. As Saul Goodman says: 'S all good, man! 😊 Let's rock this forum! 🤘🏻




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Hello @ralmon 

Ralmon, a 50% discount on a 1 year renewal is going to be difficult for AARP to sellSmiley Frustrated Five year renewal with the New Program limits, nothing of value for points, no points only gift cards, decrease in point earning activities and no responses to questions.  Who's wants a 5 yr. renewalSmiley LOL


Have a Blessed Day,



Lol, I understand the frustration. In my naive hope, I expect more interesting offerings to appear in the program as kinks are ironed out.


The Rewards program 5 years ago (interestingly also managed by HelloWorld, according to my emails) more than made up for the cost of a 5 year commitment when I won a sizeable gift card package auction. I was able to barter some of those gift cards in exchange for rent just when I needed that extra time while unemployed.


I'm still not completely deterred by the current clumsy interface and would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Beta releases can be quite a bear, and early releases can backfire. Maybe we can help them build this Reward program into something useful.

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Ralmon, a lot of members are hanging around to see the changes before time to renew.


I thought that Deluxe was always the Program Manager of the previous program.

The Rewards for Good program is solely owned by AARP. The Rewards for Good catalog and redemption center are operated by our approved service provider Deluxe Financial Services, LLC dba Deluxe Rewards (“Program Manager”). All Program offers, including the participating merchants, are subject to availability and may change without notice.


Have a Blessed Day,



Once auctions still had timers instead of the only max bids. It was a battle of endurance more than anything.


My emails show I was in communication with HelloWorld regarding tax forms/reporting after the win. Is it possible they switched from HelloWorld to Deluxe at some point? Maybe the 2 are or were  connected.

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