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Staying Strong

Praying to may Lord and Saviour Jesus for his blessing for allowing MANKIND to see a new DAY. I know some didn't make, but it's still a blessing to be in the present of God our Father. Stay strong my sister and brother. WE'RE GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS


Thank you for the words of encouragement. We need to remember that in times like this, we're all still able to reach out and help each other. Even words have power, the power of life sometimes. 


Be blessed! 

Periodic Contributor

During these times I feel many people are finding their inner strengths. Now is the time for all of us to put aside our petty differences and reach out with social distancing and help our relatives,neighbor and friends. Hopefully people to find this time as being, "Stuck" with family members but as an opportunity to be with the ones they love.  This crisis is an opportuninty to become closer spiritually.

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It might be hard not seeing anyone but we all want to keep safe. Wear your masks, washhands and go early to store if you need. that is what we do. It is truly hard. donot open everything up 2 soon, it will be better than getting a second wave of this virus.

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