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Hello everyone 🤗. I've been trying since June 9,2022 to get my AARP Rewards page fixed and I've been on Facebook and on the phone of which I'm so tired of saying the same thing over and over again. I chatted with someone on Facebook and I told her that I had about 64,000 Rewards points and when we finished I received a email that showed that I had 0 points. Aren't you supposed to receive points just for renewing your membership? I've been told that I have to sign up for AARP Rewards. I've been a member of the AARP Rewards program since 2017 and never have I had to sign up for the rewards program again. Please take a look at this newsletter I received. Also I can't believe all the Newsletters that I'm receiving now. Every newsletter that I signed up for, comes regularly, but nothing pertaining to my Reward points. And on my blank rewards page I see they where my membership is about to expire. I'm so 🤬. Just saying it like it shouldn't beMEO 64,000 points email.png




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@al45009948 I'm terribly sorry to hear that you're still having an issue with your Rewards account. Let's try this: please log out of the AARP Rewards site and the main AARP site. Close your browser completely. Open a fresh browser window and visit


Scroll down and click the button that says Get Started with AARP Rewards.


Login using your AARP login info and be sure to agree to any terms & conditions that may pop up. Let me know what happens after you complete these steps!

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Hello everyone 🤗 I just want to let everyone know that my AARP Rewards page is BACK 😃. Big KUDOS to JanelleM and everyone else that helped with my problem. I'm back. Glad to be just saying 

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@al45009948 That's fantastic news! I'm so glad to hear that your Rewards info has been restored 😊

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Hey al45009948,

Good to hear that your AARP Rewards issues are finally resolved!  😁

Best wishes going forward.

Kind regards,    tesuga

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Hello again everyone 🤗 and a special thanks to JanelleM for hanging in with my little problem Kudos to you. I want to show you what I received from AARP newsletter today ( I uploaded a picture and when it went to upload the webpage restarted, so I'm uploading it again. Last time I uploaded the page came back and asked me to sign in. I was already signed in 😅) I think the IT guys are messing with me 😂. Anyway as anyone can see, I have Rewards Points, not doing me any good. Please ask the IT department to please move my information back to a new page. All they need to do is delete the current page I'm having a problem with and transfer my information to a new page. I'm just sayingScreenshot_20220715-180844.png

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Hey al45009948,


Sorry to hear about all of your problems accessing your AARP Rewards pages.

Your pic of the Webletter you received definitely makes it appear that you are still an active AARP Rewards member with points.


I hope you've been able to get things resolved by the time you read this, but in case you haven't,

I have a couple of questions.

1. I looked at another one of your posts, and I noticed a pic you added to that post showing the bottom portion of an AARP Rewards page. That pic looks like the bottom section of my active AARP Rewards Home page... the 'Discover' section.  Mine also has the 'Renew Your Membership Today...' section (Trunk Organizer) toward the bottom of the page.

Does the top part of that page not have the pull-down option to change from 'Discover' to 'Earn' or 'Redeem', etc?   Your pic does not seem to show that top area.

I'm not sure if that page is accessible to non-AARP Rewards members.


2. Also, are you trying to access your AARP Rewards page from a desktop, phone, or tablet?...

And, which browser might you be using.


You've probably already checked the things I mentioned above, but I thought I check in case you hadn't.

Take care,


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Hello everyone ?. Answer to your questions is yes . And for a month when I was a nonmember, I was still part of the AARP Rewards program. I've done it all

 Different browsers different phones, computer and tablet. Friends phone also. Here's a picture of my Rewards page . This is what my Redeem page looks like. I'm just saying 🤬





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I quit messing with AARP's Reward Program years ago.




Because it was an ill run program that was on the verge of being a scam.


It had a coupon program operated by The Entertainment Book in conjunction with AARP that had coupons that were, for the most part, useless. Many times I would attempt to use a coupon from the rewards program and either find the entity closed, not accepting the coupon, or not even aware that they were in the program. This happened at many a restaurant.


A blaring example of the ineptitude of this program was the appearance of a coupon for a golf course's green's fees. When I took steps to make use of this coupon, I found:

(1) The course had been closed for a year prior to the appearance of the coupon.

(2) The course was now behind a locked fence with weeds and trash throughout the venue because the property had been taken over by a government entity.

(3) The government entity had taken over the property because the previous owners had been engaged in illegal activities.


Now, @al45009948, remember, all this happened BEFORE the coupon was even made available by AARP.

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