Side hustles???

I’m curious about making some cash on the side.  I’ve a EE background, and am a disabled vet.   Started solitaire thing that’s not a way to make extra cash IMO.  
TIA for suggestions!

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Okay, cash on the side, EE and disabled... (tried Solitaire but not panning out for you financially 😁). Got it.


Tutoring math and sciences can definitely get you cash on the side.


Look at AP (Advanced Placement) needs which include Physics; AP definitely includes Math. If you can tutor AP courses you increase your chances of getting even more money on the side. EE has to be a big plus/opportunity too.


Getting something online sounds like it will fit your lifestyle even better, but be very careful about choosing where to tutor online - some seem shady (The worst can "control the game", offering increases in your rate. As you accumulate more tutoring you get a higher proportion of the tutoring fee. If you're get "too much" of the tutoring fee they can dump you - on the assumption that they enough cheaper tutors. Also be sure to understand what time and effort you will be doing to keep and keep students so they can get their money from you (emails, reminders, ...). Above all watch out for yourself...


Maybe you can find students that are in STEM? There should be some students with a great desire to learn - hopefully beyond robotics or using robotics as a path to learn EE. 


I hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

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