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Shopping the Catalog

It has been very difficult shopping the catalog for the past several months, especially with all of the "sold out" items listed.  Some of the sold out items are duplicated.  It has been time consuming to peruse through the catalog when points only items are mixed with sold out items and items to purchase.  It would be more helpful if tech support could separate the items for purchase from the points only items, and also separate out the instant wins and sweepstakes.  A first start would be to separate the sold out items and have a "sold out" filter or category to remove the clutter for those who may want to see what was missed.  It would be helpful to put dates on when the items were sold out as it seems some of the sold out items listed has been shown for at least several weeks.

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In the catalog there is an Applebee’s gift card $15 for $13). If you go to their website and sign up to receive emails they will send you a code to receive $5 off a $25 online order. This can be used with gift cards. They also have some specials right now like add a dozen crispy shrimp to steak dinner for $1 and some 2 for $20 dinners that include an appetizer.

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@JoLo49   There is a filter where you can separate points only, sweepstakes, etc.   However, as you said, the sold out ones make it more difficult to navigate the site.   Having a sold out category would be one way to solve that problem.   A question I've had is about those duplicates.   Did it mean a second offer on that card popped up?    I don't know.     You are quite right that the past several months have been very difficult for navigating the site.   I missed seeing some offers that didn't come up with using the filter for points only.   I've been okay this month as the new rules didn't get put in until the 11th.   Now it will be difficult to ever redeem three in a month.  

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@HokiePoq  It will be interesting to see if the sold out items will remain in the catalog in January 2021.  I also wonder if the duplicates were a second offering.  It would be helpful to have a "sold out" category instead of mixing them with the current offerings.  I hope tech support is listening.

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