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Seriously 4 Rewards Community Pages


Teri Seriously 

4 sections of Rewards Community? 

Unreal I know I don't come as often as used to but to try to follow 4 sections :

NEW Rewards Community:





With Emphasis on Community Mgr / Helper 


Is it AARP Rewards intention to do away with our conversations? Interactions? Between each other and y'all? Sure reads like only want members to post reflecting 1 of 4 Sections???

Plus lots of past posts are gone ? Why? 

Look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts and reply to this inquiry Thanks

Ginger : ) See Screenshot of new Rewards Community page Rewards Community Now 4 SectionsRewards Community Now 4 Sections




Social Butterfly

@gm5271 @AARPTeri 


This is a case of more is less.


We take more time navigating and get less information in each forum.


But, one thing is for sure.  Once they change something it is very rare for them to change it back.  I don't know why we comment anymore, this program is for AARP's agenda, not ours.


Take care,

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